ASLA Announces 2004 Student Awards


Washington, DC, September 13, 2004 The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has announced the recipients of its 2004 Student Awards. The awards will be presented during the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO, October 29-November 2, in Salt Lake City.

Design - Undergraduate Individual


First Place 

Strip Mine Reclamation
Katie Paquette, Student ASLA

Kansas State University
Advisors: Professor Dennis L. Law, FASLA, Professor Robert L. Page and Professor Timothy Keane.


Special Commendation 

When Moose Fly:
Exploring Strategies for the Integration of Wildlife and Highways

Kelly Simpson, Student ASLA

University of Guelph
Advisors: Professor Nathan H. Perkins, ASLA
Graduate Advisors: Sarah McCans, Student ASLA, and Steve Barnhart.


Special Commendation 

The Gardens at St. Joseph's Health and Retirement Center:
Exploring The Garden as A Healing Process

Brooke Saavedra, Student ASLA

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Advisor: Professor Omar Faruque.


Special Commendation 

California Center for Native Plants and Wildlife
Michael O'Connell, Student ASLA

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Advisor: Professor Walter D. Bremer, ASLA and Professor Bill MacElroy.


Special Commendation 

The Greening of Downtown Los Angeles
Nancy B. Greene, Student ASLA

University of California Los Angeles - Extension
Advisors: Professor Stephanie V. Landregan, ASLA, Professor James H. Curtis, ASLA, Professor Michael Kaufman, and Program Director Alexis Joan Slafer, ASLA.

Design - Undergraduate Team


Special Commendation 

Urbanization in Binational Watersheds in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands:
Open Space Design Proposal for a Regenerative Future

Karen Lyding, Student ASLA (top) and Emily Roddy, Student ASLA (bottom)

Arizona State University
Advisors: Assistant Professor Joseph Ewan, ASLA, and Associate Professor Rebecca Fish Ewan.

Design - Graduate Individual


First Place 

Wharf District Parks, Boston
Qing Luo, Student ASLA

University of Minnesota
Advisors: Department Head John A. Koepke, ASLA, Professor Dean Abbott, Professor Christine Carlson, Professor Rebecca Krinke, and Professor Lance Neckar.


Special Commendation 

Natural and Cultural Systems:
A Small Town's Framework for the Futur
Brad Aldrich, Student ASLA

University of Minnesota
Advisor: Professor Dean Abbott.

Design - Graduate Team


First Place 

Ambassador Edward L. Romero Park
Katya Crawford, Student ASLA, and Jay Rice, Student ASLA

University of New Mexico
Advisors: Department Head Alfred Simon, ASLA, and Professor Joni M. Palmer.

Research - Undergraduate Individual

First Place 

Community after Communism:
Planning for New Development in the Vernacular Village of Klokoci Czech Republic

Emily Riley, Student ASLA

Pennsylvania State University
Advisors: Professor Daniel R. Jones, ASLA and Professor Cecilia Rusnak, ASLA.

Special Commendation 

South Brevard Wildlife Corridor
Jared A. Smith, Student ASLA

University of Florida
Advisors: Professor Sara Katherine Williams, FASLA, Professor Margaret H. Carr, and Professor Gary. Purdum

Research - Graduate Individual

First Place 

Redesigning Renourishment
Kelly Hughes, Student ASLA

University of Florida
Advisors: Professor Sara Katherine Williams, FASLA, Professor Margaret H. Carr, and Professor Karen Bjorndal.

First Place 

Regional Wetland Mitigation Framework for the Protection of Biodiversity:
The Northeast Florida Region as a Case Study

Ginevra Anuszkiewicz, Student ASLA

University of Florida
Advisors: Professor Margaret H. Carr, Professor Robert R. Grist, ASLA, and Professor Paul Zwick.

Special Commendation 

A Study of Schenley Park:
Historical Interpretation to Guide Intervention

Shruti Dixit, Student ASLA

Pennsylvania State University
Advisors: Professor Thomas Yahner, Professor Bonj Szczygiel, and Professor Cecilia Rusnak, ASLA.

Special Commendation 

10 Lessons in Landscape Photography
Anne C. Godfrey, Student ASLA

University of Oregon
Advisor: Professor Elisabeth E. Clemence, Associate ASLA.

Research - Graduate Team

First Place 

North Corktown Design Handbook
Jason Braidwood, Student ASLA, Paul Coseo, Student ASLA, Christopher Cox, Student ASLA, Jen-Jia Huang, Student ASLA, Jessica Kenzie, Student ASLA, Joanna Paine, Student ASLA, Derek Roberts, Student ASLA, Ben Smith, Student ASLA, and Ethan Solomon, Student ASLA (upper left to lower right by row)

University of Michigan
Advisor: Assistant Professor Larissa S. Larsen, ASLA.

Research - Second Professional*

Special Commendation* 

Comprehending the Products of Design:
Traditional and Digital

Jana L. Zelenski, Student ASLA

Pennsylvania State University
Advisor: Professor Brian Orland, FASLA.

* Entrants within this category hold an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture and are pursuing a graduate degree in landscape architecture.


A six-member jury selected 17 projects to receive awards from a field of 176 entries, representing the work of 277 students from 43 schools. Jury members included: Stephanie A. Rolley, ASLA, jury chair, Professor, Kansas State University; Drake Fowler, Associate ASLA, Design Workshop; Carol R. Johnson, FASLA, Carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc.; Susan L.B. Jacobson, FASLA, Bartells/Jacobson Design, and president of ASLA; Faye Harwell, ASLA, Rhodeside & Harwell Inc.; and Michael P. Madsen, Student ASLA, University of Florida.

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