ASLA Statement Regarding the Horrific Wildfires Ravaging the Western United States

The following is a statement by Wendy Miller, FASLA, president of the American Society of Landscape Architects, regarding the horrific wildfires ravaging the western United States:

"Each time I turn on the news and see wildfires tear through communities and landscapes throughout the western United States, I feel shock and sorrow. My sympathies, and the sympathies of everyone at ASLA, go out to the people who have lost loved ones and everything they have to these devastating wildfires.

"These deadly fires are the unmistakable result of catastrophic climate effects.This ongoing tragedy shows that the climate crisis is not a problem for the future and we must act now.

"As landscape architects and design professionals, we have the power to combat climate change and reduce risk. Working with foresters and planners, landscape architects help communities avoid developing in highly fire-prone natural areas. Landscape architects also plan and design firewise communities with defensible spaces that incorporate naturally-resilient native trees and plants.

"ASLA will continue to provide our members and our profession with information, resources, and education necessary to plan for wildfires and help stop these devastating events before they begin."

Learn more: ASLA offers resources on wildfire-resilient planning and design.


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