ICYMI: ASLA President Wendy Miller, FASLA Op-Ed in 'The Hill'


Don't miss this Op-Ed featured in The Hill, co-signed by ASLA President Wendy Miller, FASLA, on the importance of rigorous professional licensure.

Consumers are right to demand rigorous professional licensing remain as states reopen

From Juneau to Tallahassee, the issue of licensing reform is once again coming to the fore in statehouses across America as lawmakers weigh a range of measures to reverse the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

While licensing reform is predominately a state issue, the Trump administration has issued federal reports to guide state legislators on the difficult, delicate task of revising licensing laws.

Recently, the Trump administration issued an executive order loosening a raft of federal regulations in response to the pandemic. This approach is likely to be emulated by governors and state legislatures across America.

The purported intentions of the reformers: noble.

The apparent bipartisanship around their efforts: refreshing.

The allure of jumping onto their bandwagon: understandable.

However, as is so often the case with legislative solutions to complex problems, the devil is in the details — or perhaps, in the lack of them [...]

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