Landscape Architects Announce 2009 Student Awards


Washington, D.C., September 15, 2009 — Today the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced the winners of the 2009 Student Awards. Representing the top student honors in the profession, ASLA will present the awards to team representatives for 21 projects in seven categories from colleges and universities around the world. Landscape Structures has sponsored registration for each winning official entrant, plus travel and hotel accommodations for those given the Award of Excellence. The ceremony and reception will take place on September 21 at the ASLA Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Projects can be viewed at

General Design Category
Award of Excellence
The White Forest: Density and the Void
Frederick G. Besançon, Associate ASLA
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, R.I.
Faculty advisors: Isabel Zempel and Elke Berger

Honor Awards
Reconciling Purity and Nature: A Bathing Pool for Daingerfield Island
Allison Thurmond, Student ASLA
Virginia Tech Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium, Alexandria, Va.
Faculty advisors: Paul Kelsch, ASLA and Paul Emmons

Kyung Eui Park, Associate ASLA
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Faculty advisor: Valerio Morabito

Living with Floods
Chen-Wei Wu, Student Affiliate ASLA, Shih-Chia Chiu, Student Affiliate ASLA, I-Chun Chien, Student Affiliate ASLA, Shih-Yeu Hou, Student Affiliate ASLA, and Jheng-Ru Li, Student Affiliate ASLA
Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan
Faculty advisors: Shiau-Yun Lu and Shian-Po Liao

Residential Design Category
Honor Award
The Productive Landscape: Urban Housing for Autistic Adults
John Gough, Student ASLA, and Adam C. Nordfors, Student ASLA
Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz.
Faculty advisor: Kim Steele

Analysis & Planning Category
Award of Excellence
Switching Trajectories in the Rhine Delta
Matanya Sack, Student Affiliate ASLA, and Liesl Vanautgaerden, Student Affiliate ASLA
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland
Faculty advisors: Christophe Girot and Sebastien Marot

Honor Awards
Remediation Infrastructure:A Comprehensive Development Strategy for the Remediation of the Gowanus Canal
Heather Fuhrman, Associate ASLA
City College of New York, New York City
Faculty advisors: Achva Benzinberg-Stein, FASLA, Denise Hoffman-Brandt and Hanque Macari

Wild North vs. Rational Port Landscape Architecture Articulates a New Northern Portscape Near Moosonee, Ontario
Courtney Likins, Student ASLA
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Faculty advisor: Jane Wolff

MUMBAI: Infrastructure as Architecture
Katie O'Meara, Student ASLA
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Faculty advisor: Anuradha Mathur

Rejuvenating the Channel-Scape—Wanquan Stream Channel Multi-Functional Planning and Design
Xuan Lu, Student ASLA
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, Minneapolis
Faculty advisors: Robert Sykes, ASLA, Joseph Favour, Lance Neckar, ASLA, and Vincent de Britto

Exhibiting the Ground: Applying Fire as a Design Element for the Stapleton Community
Nieve Nielson, Student Affiliate ASLA
University of Colorado, Denver
Faculty advisors: Anthony Mazzeo and Adam Clack

OKRail 2025: Reclaiming Rural America
Cody Klein, Student ASLA, and Seth Slifer, Student ASLA
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla.
Faculty advisor: John R. Ritter, ASLA

The North Slope Vision Plan: Balancing Systems in Repurposed Industrial Lands
Erin Lybeck, Associate ASLA, Tarrigon Van Denburg, Associate ASLA, G. Russell Wightman, Associate ASLA, and Tony Ignacio, Associate ASLA
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Calif.
Faculty advisors: Philip N. Pregill, ASLA, Gerald O. Taylor Jr., ASLA, Susan Mulley, and Doug Delgado

Research Category
Honor Awards
Road Rights of Way: Connective Conduits
Katy Amon, Student ASLA
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Faculty advisors: Patrick Mooney, ASLA, and Ronald Kellett

Species Evolution On Steep Sloped Green Roofs
Erik Jones, Student ASLA, Theresa Miller, Student ASLA, Jeremy Monsma, Student ASLA, and Jillian Puszykowski, Student ASLA
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.
Faculty advisor: Joanne Westphal, FASLA

Communications Category
Honor Award
Tucson's Urban Wildlife Walk
Kimberly Creagan, Student ASLA
University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.
Faculty advisors: Margaret Livingston, ASLA, Lauri Macmillan Johnson, ASLA, and Elizabeth Scott, ASLA

Women in the Dirt: Landscape Architects Shaping California
Robyn Newkirk, Student ASLA, Pavel Petrov, Student ASLA, and Carolann R. Stoney, Student ASLA
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Calif.
Faculty advisors: Philip N. Pregill, ASLA, Andrew O. Wilcox, ASLA, Susan Mulley, Chris Aykanian, and James Becerra

Unspoken Borders 2009: Ecologies of Inequality
Michelle Lin, Student ASLA; Matthew Soule, Student ASLA; Janelle Johnson, Student ASLA, and Thabo Lenneiye, Student ASLA
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Faculty advisor: Amy Hillier

Community Service Category
Honor Award
International Student Center Rain-Garden
Aarthi Padmanabhan, Student ASLA, and Jeremy Merrill, Student ASLA
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan.
Faculty advisors: Lee R. Skabelund, ASLA, and Dennis Day, FASLA

Dead Tires on the Sidewalk, Dead Tired at the Bus Stop
Andrew Kanzler, Student ASLA
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Calif.
Faculty advisors: Chris Aykanian, Claire Latane, ASLA, and Andy Wilcox, ASLA

Student Collaboration Category
Honor Award
Preservation and Progress: Choroni's Productive Traverse
Marisa Bernstein, Student ASLA, and Nicolas Koff, Student ASLA
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Faculty advisor: David Gouverneur


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