Salaries for Landscape Architects Up by 23%


Washington, DC, May 19, 2004The 2004 ASLA National Salary Survey indicates the average salary for landscape architecture positions is $74,644, an increase of 23.4 percent in real terms as compared with the 1998 salary survey, the most recent one produced by ASLA.

The growth is particularly dramatic when compared to historical data showing that between 1981 and 1987, the average salary for landscape architects rose by only six percent in real terms and that the 1994 survey showed a real loss in income when compared with the base year of 1981.

“The results reflect the significant growth in demand for landscape architecture services across the board,” said Nancy C. Somerville, executive vice president of ASLA. “The traditional market sectors—residential, parks and recreation, planning, commercial—have remained extremely strong. In addition, landscape architects are looked to as leaders in security design, stormwater management, environmental mitigation, and green roofs. The profession is gaining visibility and increased salaries are an indication of that.”

Of the 2,499 firms and organizations responding to the survey, 80 percent are in the private sector, 16 percent are in the public sector, and four percent represent academic institutions, almost identical to the market breakdown of the 1998 survey. In the 2004 survey, most respondents have 21-25 years of experience with an average salary of $80,273. The average salary for those with 0-5 years of experience is $41,803. Those with 36-40 years of experience earn the highest average salary at $97,564.

Demographic comparisons by gender between the 1998 and 2004 ASLA surveys indicate there has been no change in the private sector (24 percent women, 76 percent men). However, women now make up 34 percent of public practitioners and 24 percent of professionals in academia, increases of four percent in both sectors since 1998. Ethnicity demographic information is included in the survey as well.

The 2004 ASLA National Salary Survey is available by subscription for $75 to ASLA members and $150 to non-members. The data is presented online, allowing subscribers to create their own interactive charts and tables from over 350 unique data combinations. In addition to information on annual salaries, the survey includes data on bonus programs, profit sharing, employer retirement contributions, and services offered outside primary employment. These fields are searchable by census data, metropolitan region, market sector, years of experience, gender, age, ethnic background, level of education, and total gross revenues.

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