Growing Demand for Safe Bicycle and Walking Trails Provides Additional Opportunities for Landscape Architects


On March 2,  Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-3) introduced HR 4722, “The Active Community Transportation Act of 2010” which directs the Secretary of Transportation to provide assistance to communities for the construction of safe and convenient bicycling and pedestrian networks.  The bill prioritizes projects in communities that would facilitate modal shifts and connect neighborhoods to destinations such as workplaces, schools, businesses, recreation areas, and other community activity centers as well as align with public transportation options.

ASLA has joined with other allied organizations in supporting this legislation and will work with Congressman Blumenauer to move this legislation forward. As supporters of Complete Streets, and proponents of H Con Res 240 establishing “National Streetscaping Week” landscape architects remain committed to designing multi-use transportation corridors that accommodate all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, people with disabilities, and people who use public transportation.  These multi-use transportation systems reduce reliance on a single-use automotive transport, which in turn reduces traffic, improves air quality, and promotes a sustainable way of life.


Kevin Fry
Director, PR and

JR Taylor
PR Coordinator