National Landscape Architecture Month

Chapter activities during National Landscape Architecture Month 2004 and National Landscape Architecture Week 2003 included sports tournaments, student career days, exhibitions, community clean-ups, and radio interviews.


Chapter Events


The Arizona chapter of ASLA promoted National Landscape Architecture Week via their Web site.


Connecticut Senate names April 26th Frederick Law Olmsted Day.

Olmsted Birthday Bash
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The Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter created a special poster for National Landscape Architecture Week.

Governor Edward G. Rendell proclaimed April 19 - 27, 2003, as National Landscape Architecture Week.


In celebration of National Landscape Architecture Week, the Florida Chapter of ASLA planned a volleyball tournament on April 26, 2003.

In Celebration of National Landscape Architecture Week, the Southwest Florida Section of the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects hosted a lecture series on the profession. All lectures were free and open to the public.

Great Plains

Nebraska's Governor proclaimed April 19-27, 2003, National Landscape Architecture Week. Several Nebraska Section members joined Governor Mike Johans and Chapter President Dave Ciaccio, ASLA, in Lincoln for the signing of a proclaimation honoring landscape architecture.


Mayor Mike Kadas issued a proclamation setting aside April 19-27, 2003, as National Landscape Architecture Week in Missoula.

As part of a weeklong celebration, the Idaho/Montana Chapter of ASLA hosted an informational open house in the large meeting room of the Missoula Public Library on Monday, April 21st, between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.


The Illinois Chapter of ASLA worked to get a proclamation designating April 19-27, 2003, as National Landscape Architecture Week 2003.


Columbus, Indiana, Mayor Fred Armstrong read a proclamation kicking off National Landscape Architecture Week at award-winning Mill Race Park in Columbus.

INASLA members performed a spring cleaning at the Indiana School for the Blind/Monon Trailhead in Indianapolis. The trailhead is a community service project designed, constructed, and maintained by INASLA.

INASLA members joined Ball State University students and faculty for a Frederick Law Olmsted birthday party and reception. This event coincided with the Harvard "Territories" exhibit which featured contemporary landscape projects from Europe. The exhibit was sponsored by INASLA.

The INASLA Exhibit Booth was displayed in the Mishawaka Public Library. The exhibit booth was a former CIP Project and has information pertaining to the profession of landscape architecture.

INASLA held a “30 in ‘03 Gala.” The gala was a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of INASLA. Guest speaker was Paul F. Morris, FASLA. The gala consisted of a reception, dinner, and awards presentation. INASLA presented the INASLA Lifetime Achievement Award to long-standing member Claire Bennett, FASLA.

www.inasla.org hosted a web special entitled "30 Award-Winning Works of Landscape Architecture in Indiana". The web special provided text and images of 30 award-winning works of landscape architecture within Indiana.


Governor Paul Patton and Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson proclaimed April 19-27, 2003, as National Landscape Architecture Week in Kentucky. During the weeklong observance, public radio announcements (PSA) highlighted these proclamations and the purpose of National Landscape Architecture Week.

The Kentucky Chapter planned many events during National Landscape Architecture Week. Click on this
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. (Word document)


The Neighborhood Design Center hosted the Community Building by Design: Celebrating 10 years in Prince George's County on April 24, 2003, 6:30-9:00 pm at Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville.

The 4th Annual Garlic Mustard Challenge was held on Saturday, April 26, 2003.


An intense daylong design workshop was held to generate ideas, commemorate, and pay tribute to the heroes of the Historic Second Baptist Church in Downtown Detroit. This church provided a haven as an Underground Railroad station, one of the last stops before freedom in nearby Windsor, Canada. Landscape architects in Windsor and architects in Detroit were invited to join the Michigan Chapter of ASLA in this exciting and important endeavor.

ASLA Bookstore Donations
Through the generous support of the ASLA Bookstore, the Michigan Chapter donated five sets of landscape architecture books to high schools and local libraries throughout the state. Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, Big Rapids, and Keweenaw County were communities targeted due to their demographics and the under-representation of that demographic population in the profession.

State of Michigan Capitol Display
Several landscape architecture firms throughout the state contributed graphic renderings of their projects for public display at the State Capitol Building in Lansing. This display was situated in a prominent location to pique interest and serve as a reminder to lawmakers to the importance of our profession.

Michigan State University Student Public Presentation
The Landscape Architecture Program at Michigan State University presented poster presentations depicting possible visions for the Logan Center Area in the City of Lansing. This senior Capstone Studio project was the culmination of a five-year professional design program in Landscape Architecture.

Michigan State University Painting of “The Rock”
Michigan State University Students painted the traditional campus “Rock” promoting National Landscape Architecture Week. MSU students sponsored a public art display in conjunction with the "painting of the rock."

Grade School Lecture Series
Landscape architecture professionals in Big Rapids and Keweenaw County taught grade school students about the merits of a healthy environment, landscape architecture and what they could do to help their local communities.


Landscape architects in Minneapolis took advantage of ASLA's Library Enhancement Initiative, held an annual awards banquet, and coordinated a profile of a local landscape architect on the front page of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

New Jersey

Governor James E. McGreevey proclaimed April 19-27, 2003, as National Landscape Architecture Week in New Jersey.

Lectures and tours pertaining to new and native plant materials were sponsored by Monrovia Growers (Word document).

An afternoon of planting, information and site improvements constructed by volunteer landscape architects at East Brunswick's Butterfly Park (Word document).

A lecture, "Manufactured Sites: Rethinking the Post-Industrial Landscape" was given by Professor of Landscape Architecture and Technology at the Harvard Graduate School of Design Niall G. Kirkwood, ASLA.

Donations of landscape architecture publications and materials were made to public libraries in New Jersey.

New York

The New York Council of Landscape Architects and the New York Upstate Chapter joined forces for their annual State Lobby Day on April 27.

Peter V. Auyer, ASLA, and David Cutter, ASLA, meet with Senator James Wright (48th District, NY, center), who sponsored the resolution proclaiming April as Landscape Architecture Month in New York.

From left to right: David Cutter, ASLA, Dale E. Conklin, ASLA, Edward J. Olinger, FASLA, Katherine I. (Kim) Mathews, ASLA, and Nanci Elliott Bateman, ASLA, gather for an issues briefing prior to meeting with legislators during New York's State Lobby Day.


The Oklahoma ASLA Student Chapter planted a tree on the university campus with a plaque "celebrating the past and future contributions of landscape architects."


The Oregon Chapter hosted a lecture presented by Andy Cao during National Landscape Architecture Week. Spring Lecture 2003 (pdf document)

The Oregon Chapter of ASLA had a John Charles Olmsted impersonator, and his appearance was covered by the Oregonian one hundred years after John Charles Olmsted first came to town to do the plan for the park system.


The Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter created a special poster for National Landscape Architecture Week.

Governor Edward G. Rendell proclaimed April 19 - 27, 2003, as National Landscape Architecture Week.

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Chapter sponsored a mentoring program during National Landscape Architecture Week, during which local firms took in a student for a day.

South Carolina

The South Carolina Chapter of ASLA was instrumental in the adoption of a resolution designating April 19-27, 2003, as National Landscape Architecture Week 2003.

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Photos from the presentation include, from left to right, David Lycke, ASLA; David E. Stack, ASLA; and Jessica McClung, ASLA.

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Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Honorary ASLA, presented a proclamation proclaiming National Landscape Architecture Week in the City of Charleston, SC.
l to r: Mayor Riley, Bill Eubanks, ASLA, David Lycke, ASLA, and Regan Contois, ASLA


The Texas Chapter of ASLA worked to have a proclamation adopted by the City Council of Wylie. ASLA Trustee Ann McGinnes, ASLA, accepted. Several articles appeared in the local newspaper on land development, plants, and the involvement of landscape architects in the community.

The Texas Chapter of ASLA displayed a kiosk during National Landscape Architecture Week 2003 at the Texas State Capitol. Senator Tommy Williams provided the letter of sponsorship to the State Preservation Board on ASLA's behalf.


The Tennessee Chapter sponsored an exhibit of members' work. The City of Knoxville issued a proclamation naming April 19-27, 2003, as National Landscape Architecture Week.


Seattle Parks Foundation sponsored a series of walking tours of Olmsted parks.