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A Design, Activation and Sustainability Plan for Linn Park in Birmingham, AL seeking an inclusive, qualified team

Date: 9/21/2021 - 10/19/2021

Type: RFPs / RFQs

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): Alabama


A public/private partnership is seeking a qualified firm to assemble an inclusive team in a community-oriented` planning and design process which positions Linn Park in downtown Birmingham, AL, as a vibrant destination designed to drive inclusive growth, greater public use and property reinvestment.

Linn Park is one of the most important civic spaces in the City of Birmingham, but currently the park struggles with a lack of intentional programming, activation and financial sustainability. An inclusive process that unites people around the importance, role, design and sustainability of the space, can bring stakeholders together to celebrate our shared existence and build public and private partnerships to refresh its use and sustain the space for the future.

In order to do this, now is the time to initiate an inclusive planning process with objectives to:

- Involve, engage and unify the public;  

- Determine the role the park plays in the context of modern Birmingham, including consideration of the park’s name;  

- Outline needed design improvements; 

- Determine capital investments; 

- Design activation plans; and 

- Recommend sustainable management and financial structures 

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