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With an Eye Towards Nature: A Japanese Garden Design Intensive

Date: 10/22/2019 - 10/24/2019

Type: Events

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): Oregon

Description: This three-day course is taught by Portland Japanese Garden staff and provides 25 hours of theoretical and hands-on training in the Japanese approach to designing with nature and its modern use and application. Traditional techniques of arranging stone, plants, and water according to nature’s design principles are placed in historical perspective and given contemporary ecological and social context as tools for creating meaningful spaces that connect people to their environment. On-site thematic garden tours and lectures offer theoretical instruction in observing and analyzing composition and representations of nature in the garden. An offsite excursion offers an opportunity to engage with and study the local landscape. Drawing by hand is foundational to critical thinking, absorbing skills at the intuitive level, and developing a cultivated eye, and is the course’s core hands-on activity. Participants are expected to keep documentation of their observations and drawing work in a sketchbook. A required preparatory module will provide readings and assignments in advance of the course.


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