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Otto Linne Preis 2019

Date: 1/1/2019 - 11/15/2019

Type: Competitions / Awards

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): International

Description: OTTO LINNE AWARD 2019

International competition of ideas for students and young graduates in the fields of landscape architecture and landscape planning in cooperation with other disciplines

The Otto Linne Award enables students and young graduates to address current topics and challenges in the field of landscape architecture. The award, conferred in honour of Hamburg’s first garden director Otto Linne (1869 - 1937), promotes the professional development of young planners and recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of urban landscape architecture.

Following the fundamental stance of Otto Linne, participants are called upon to work on a task that has been deliberately kept unrestricted.

What is new is the cross-scale thinking, in order to see the big picture in connection with the small. Following examination of an overall strategy in the customary competition procedure, the project idea is given concrete form within the scope of a summer workshop on location. For the Wandse greenway in Hamburg, process-oriented thinking is required that then culminates in implementation of a prototype.

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