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Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Date: 10/16/2018 - 10/16/2018

Type: Lectures

LA CES approved?: Yes

Location(s): Washington

Description: Both recently planted trees and established trees that have appeared healthy for years can suddenly exhibit signs of decline or even death, yet show no injury or damage above ground. Why? It is often due to something happening below ground, specifically with the roots. This class at the Washington Park Arboretum will mix lecture, discussion, and field demonstrations as we examine common root defects, nursery stock standards, best management practices for planting and transplanting, root inspections, and mitigation for root problems. Demonstrations will include planting and transplanting techniques (bare root, container, ball, and burlap), root washing of nursery stock, and air spade use for root crown excavation.

Lunch included.


Julia Lent

Maxine Artis

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