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NORTHEAST SUMMIT FOR A SUSTAINABLE BUILT ENVIRONMENT - Equity of Place: Social Justice in the Built Environment

Date: 9/26/2018 - 12/17/2018

Type: Call for Papers / Submissions

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): Connecticut

Description: Material Health and Social Justice
Healthy building materials are a valuable component of today's sustainable design practice. Who currently benefits the most from healthier, more sustainable materials? How can we ensure that the benefits of healthier materials are disbursed equitably?

Climate Justice and Conservation
Climate change is a worldwide issue, but its negative effects are borne disproportionately by resource-scarce and marginalized populations. How do issues of access, privilege, and social justice manifest themselves in resource distribution and conservation? Topics may include climate refugee-ism, or equity in energy and water access and conservation.

Resilient design and planning equips communities to better withstand increased weather extremes associated with climate change. How can resilient design benefit the most vulnerable populations, regardless of their means or level of influence?

Community Engagement
Community engagement is where the rubber meets the road- where those who design and create meet with the people that use their buildings and systems. How can we get communities meaningfully engaged in the design process, and use that engagement as a tool for authentic placemaking and true community ownership of the end product?

Affordable Housing
Sustainability is sometimes seen as a privilege of the rich; high-performance affordable housing brings the benefits of sustainable design to people of all means.


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