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Call for Applications.UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design's [IN]LAND program

Date: 3/30/2018 - 5/15/2018

Type: Call for Papers / Submissions

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): California

Description: The Summer [IN]STITUTE at UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design is accepting applications for [IN]LAND, an immersive six week introductory course on the Berkeley campus designed to demystify the discipline of landscape architecture for participants with no prior experience the field.

[IN]LAND students learn the fundamentals of landscape architectural practice through the process of making and experimentation as research into site potentials. Initial ideas are transformed through rigorous investigation in a collaborative studio environment. Students develop a landscape vocabulary that engages with the concepts of ecology, public space, sustainability and multiple scales of design.

Individually and collectively, students pursue inquiries that are agile and flexible, and experiment with various mediums to uncover hidden aspects of processes, spaces and materiality.

Join participants from across the globe and experience the culture of a landscape architecture studio, build a design portfolio, connect with faculty and practitioners, develop design software skills, and build an international network of like-minded peers at one of the top landscape architecture programs in the country!

Application deadline: May 15.


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