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ACSF Symposium on Displacement and Architecture Paper Deadline Extended to February 12th.

Date: 5/23/2018 - 5/25/2018

Type: Call for Papers / Submissions

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): Florida

Call for Paper Submissions extended to February 12, 2018.

The Architecture, Culture and Spirituality Forum’s 10th Annual Symposium will feature innovative and expansive discussions among scholars and practitioners on the spiritual and physical displacements of the 21st century, and the creation and transformation of the relationships between spirituality, culture, and landscapes that we now occupy and will occupy in the future. As in the past, the symposium will be structured as a balance between invited guest speakers, conference sessions, tours, exhibitions, and time for retreat, reflection, and meals together.

Featured speakers include:

Karsten Harries, Department of Philosophy, Yale University.
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, University of Miami School of Architecture
Ronald Rael, College of Environmental Design, University of California Berkeley
Eike Roswag, Technical University Berlin and Eike, Roswag, Roswag, Architekten

Exhibition: Sheltering Survivors, at the Coral Gables Museum

The symposium will take place May 23 - 25, 2018, in Coral Gables, Florida. It will be held in partnership with the School of Architecture at the University of Miami, the Coral Gables Museum, AIA Miami, Miami Center for Architecture and Design, and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. The due date for paper proposals has been extended to February 12. See the ACSF website for full information.

The Paper Session Topics may include the following:

1) Spiritual and Philosophical Frameworks: In what ways can the built environment provide security, meaning, and connections in an increasingly uncertain world? What worldviews, practices/principles, and guidelines can cultivate and develop spiritually inspired, holistically sustainable, built environments within local, regional, and global contexts?
2) Migration and Architecture: What are architecture’s roles in connecting diverse peoples and cultures across national boundaries? What are environmentally and culturally sustainable ways that architecture and urbanism can (re)mediate natural disasters caused by global climate change?
3) Homes and Communities: How can community-focused planning and decision making create integrated, inclusive, sustainable housing and communities for displaced and immigrant populations?
4) Institutions and Planning: What are key examples of programs and institutions that address spiritual consciousness, social equity and public policy? What are examples of curricula, strategies, or paradigms that encourage a focus on the transcendent issues of displacement, migration, and community-building?
5) Open Sessions: Papers that address areas outside the symposium themes but align with ACSF subject areas.

Cost: Cost for ACSF members is $400 (less for double occupancy), which includes a two night stay and breakfasts at Morningstar Renewal Center in Miami, with its chapel, library, gardens and labyrinth, all lunches at symposium sites, dinners at local cultural restaurants, receptions, and local transport.


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