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Conference: Ecological Complexity in Landscapes for People

Date: 1/11/2018 - 1/12/2018

Type: Conferences

LA CES approved?: Yes

Location(s): Pennsylvania

Description: This annual conference explores a core challenge of contemporary landscape design: blending plants, wildlife, and people in spaces that advance ecological function and are enjoyable to be in. While the destination may be straightforward, the roadmaps are often ill defined or sometimes nonexistent. Learn from the fruitful journeys and occasional frustrating dead ends of a select group of landscape architects and designers who are creating places that effectively and consistently connect people and nature.

Featured Speakers:
•Stefan Bloodworth is curator of the Blomquist Garden of Native Plants at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University. He will discuss how he constructed a one-acre prairie at the Garden with 100 plant species grown from locally collected seed and what they are learning by monitoring the site.

•David Buckley Borden is an artist and designer who uses unique landscape-based projects to communicate ecology to people.

•Judy Venonsky, Yuan Fan, and Chris Landau work at OLIN, a landscape architecture firm in Philadelphia, where they have are experimenting with new modeling software for a more intuitive approach to planting design.

•Laura Hansplant is the director of Design at Roofmeadow. a company that integrates landscape architecture and engineering to create inspiring rooftop landscapes. She will discuss designing green roofs based on native plant communities and tracking plant performance on green-roof projects.

•Toby Wolf, owner of Wolf Landscape Architecture in Groton, Massachusetts, will discuss how his firm translates wild places into designed landscapes that feel authentic.

CEUs available for landscape architects, APLD members, arborists, and horticulturists.

To sign up online please visit or call
215-247-5777, ext. 125.


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