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Place des Montréalaises International Multidisciplinary Landscape Architecture Competition

Date: 7/5/2017 - 9/26/2017

Type: Conferences

LA CES approved?: Yes

Location(s): International

Description: The City of Montreal wishes to source the most innovative and creative ideas for the permanent construction of a new public space adjacent to a subway station, including a pedestrian overpass.

The City has determined that a priority urban project would be the repurposing of the areas bordering the Ville-Marie Expressway. This project aims to define an attractive, high-quality urban frame that repairs the cut made to the area by the construction of the Ville-Marie Expressway trench in the 1970s. In so doing, the City aims to restore ties between the historic city and its former faubourgs and to enhance the high-quality network of public spaces from Square Victoria to Square Viger.

The new public place will be built atop the covering slab installed by the Transport Ministry, above the Montréal subway tunnel, and around their periphery.

The construction budget for the public place and the new pedestrian overpass is $CDN 34,080,000.

This competition is:
- a multidisciplinary landscape architecture competition;
- international in scope;
- held in two stages: the first consisting of anonymous proposals, and the second consisting of service offerings prepared by a maximum of five jury-selected finalists;
- a project competition leading to implementation.

Interested competitors must obtain the competition documents through the website of the Electronic Tendering System (SÉAO). See link on competition page.


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