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RFQ No. 16-17-003 (Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, and Engineering Services for a Flex Park at Virginia Key, Miami, FL

Date: 4/28/2017 - 6/14/2017

Type: RFPs / RFQs

LA CES approved?: No

Location(s): Florida

Description: Project Description
The Flex Park is located at 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway, Virginia Key, in Miami, Florida, and was originally contemplated as an area for flexible public recreation and special events; a key element of the Flex Park component for the Virginia Key Master Plan. The open space immediately abuts the historic Miami Marine Stadium located to the west, and the Rowing Center to the east. The open space is a 15-acre site along the Marine Basin waterfront, consisting of permeable and impermeable parking surfaces, a historical Marine Stadium gateway feature, and underground utility and drainage segments. The site currently hosts several participant-based events consisting of rowing, paddle boarding, half marathon, triathlon, and dragon boat race competitions; and recently, a major special event, the Miami International Boat Show. Other short term space programming has also been contemplated for active uses, gathering areas, natural elements and climate enhancements.

Scope of Services
The Successful Proposer shall provide a full range of urban design, landscape architecture and engineering services to create a conceptual plan and schematic design for a world-class waterfront destination with a regional importance for a flexible public open space. Tasks, responsibility and contents include, but are not limited to: kick-off investigations, studies,
professional surveying, location of underground utilities and structures, grading and drainage, review of pertinent plans and context analysis, special event strategy/economic analysis, traffic analysis/parking planning, project management and research, public outreach/community engagement and presentations, consensus building and facilitation, design options, framework planning, demonstration project, civil/site planning, landscape design/space planning, schematic design, and perspective illustrations.

The City anticipates contracting with one (1) qualified firm under one (1) non-exclusive Agreement for this Project.


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