Professional Practice
Call for Presentations: Inspiring Action, Creating Resilience Summit
Date: 1/9/2014 - 2/28/2014
Type: Call for Papers / Submissions
District of Columbia

Happy New Year! Please consider presenting your design, planning, or research work at this conference. It's a great forum for NOAA, USGS and other scientists, and would benefit greatly from an exchange of ideas with landscape architects, planners and designers.

Deadline for proposals is February 28. Conference is November 1-6 in Washington, D.C.

Restore America's Estuaries (RAE) and The Coastal Society (TCS) are proud to present the first ever summit that will bring together the coastal restoration and management communities for an integrated discussion to explore issues, solutions and lessons learned in their work. The summit will provide timely and much-needed attention to the challenges and opportunities for coastal and estuarine restoration and management and will bring together a unique blend of people who are involved in policy, science, strategy, business, and on-the-ground restoration and management. For more on the summit, please visit

SUMMIT THEME: Inspiring Action, Creating Resilience
Coastal communities are increasingly faced with challenging decisions as a result of a host of factors including population changes, coastal development, pollution, climate change, invasive species, economic pressures, and many more. Please see our website and consider submitting a proposal. if you have questions or ideas you're considering, feel free to email me, and we talk them over.