Professional Practice

Fall 2013 Intern, Virginia

Date: 8/9/2013 - 11/15/2013

Type: Other

Location(s): Virginia


We are looking for a student/recent graduate who would be able to come in and help out for the next two-three months, who is capable of the following:

  • able and willing to be in the field, helping out in general and including getting dirty, i.e., planting, watering, moving supplies
  • knowledge of plants and planting techniques
  • can take care of plant orders - asking for pricing from various vendors and confirming the order from the vendor we decide to use
  •  able to interpret a planting scheme off a drawing and then lay it out in the field
  • able and willing to drive our Ford F150 pick-up truck
  • able and willing to load and unload various supplies, sometimes heavy
  • familiarity with vector-based software, like Auto CAD.

We are most interested in having them start before our current intern leaves on August 16 so he can teach the job. See our website. Send company contact, below, any questions or interest.


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