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Masters of Modern Landscape Design Conference

Date: 9/28/2013 - 9/29/2013

Type: Lectures

Location(s): Indiana


MASTERS OF MODERN LANDSCAPE DESIGN, a conference organized by the Library of American Landscape History (LALH)

On September 28 and 29, LALH convenes prominent scholars from all over the country at the Indianapolis Museum of Art to introduce their recent work on eight modern landscape architects:

  • Jane Amidon on Dan Kiley
  • Dean Cardasis on James Rose
  • Kelly Comras on Ruth Shellhorn
  • Kenneth Helphand on Lawrence Halprin
  • JC Miller and Reuben Rainey on Robert Royston
  • David Streatfield on Garrett Eckbo
  • Marc Treib on Thomas Church
  • Thaisa Way on A. E. Bye.

Each of the conference speakers is also the author of a forthcoming LALH monograph in a new book series exploring the career, major works, and legacy of a modernist master. Intended to appeal to a broad audience, the books will be inexpensive, generously illustrated, and written in clear, jargon-free prose. The Masters of Modern Landscape Design series is scheduled for completion in 2016. W.W. Norton will distribute the volumes internationally.

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