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Webinar: Building Your Trail Right the First Time

Date: 7/18/2013 - 7/18/2013

Type: Other

Location(s): US


Learn how to place a trail on the landscape so that it is consistent with the natural environment and aesthetically pleasing, meets user needs, and requires minimal maintenance in the future. The webinar is geared primarily towards beginning to intermediate level trailbuilders.

Learn how to design and layout a sustainable trail when you are constructing or maintaining your trail system. You will also learn how to lay out a trail or re-route it in a sustainable manner.

After this webinar, you will have the tools to:


  • Understand the influences of water on trail alignments
  • Understand the use of control points in trail layout
  • Learn how to determine sustainable grade
  • Learn how to determine grades between control points.


Presenter for the Webinar: John Favro, Owner, Trails Guy; and Chair, American Trails

Visit the website to learn more.


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