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BCSLA Annual Conference - Depth of Field - Exploring Our Culture Through the Creative Lens

Date: 4/25/2013 - 4/27/2013

Type: Events

Location(s): British Columbia


The BCSLA premiere event of the year for landscape architects in BC will be held April 26-27, 2013 in Vancouver, Canada.

The conference will test our willingness to leverage our collective creativity in ways that are good for us, good for business, and good for society. By stimulating dialog with our membership and the broader creative cultural community, the conference will act as a catalyst to bring together a range of creative voices focused on a common quest:. The quest of understanding our creative intelligence and its inherent value to society. Our central premise is that we are an integral part of the broader cultural community that surrounds us. The goal of this year’s conference is to illustrate the diversity that we find in the urban landscape so that we further develop the techniques and tools of our profession.

Landscape Cafe (PDF) - April 25, 2013

PUBLIC Architecture + Communication
Join presenters Susan Mavor, Brian Wakelin and John Wall firm principles at PUBLIC Architecture + Communication. Their work spans parking lots, sidewalks, and setbacks to frame and define spaces that activate public life. Since opening their doors five years ago, they have collaborated with landscape professionals at the intersection of architecture and communication media. In 2012 they were recognized with the AIBC Emerging Firm Award and Western Living's Arthur Erickson Memorial Award. Reserve your seat today!


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