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Request for Proposals: Downtown Master Plan Update, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Date: 3/14/2013 - 3/25/2013

Type: RFPs / RFQs

Location(s): Wisconsin


Request for Proposals: Downtown Master Plan Update

Request for Proposals Document:
The document linked below is the RFP for the Downtown Green Bay Master Plan Update, released on February 22, 2013.  Consultants are asked to review the document carefully including all attachments.  Additional context is provided for informational purposes in the other links on this site.  While not part of the RFP, this additional information may be helpful in gaining an understanding of the community and project.
Download Here

RFP Addenda and Modifications
Modifications and addenda to the RFP will be posted here.
RFP Addendum 2-28-13
RFP Addendum 3-12-13

1997 Downtown Design Plan
The last complete plan for the downtown was conducted in 1997.  This plan is very dated but provides some historic perspective.
Downtown Design Plan Report
Poster Plan (Front)
Poster Plan (Back)

2003 Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan – Downtown Components
The 1997 Downtown Design Plan was adopted as part of the city’s Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan in 2003.  It included some minor updates, but again, provides mainly historic perspective at this time.
View Plan>>

Preliminary Mapping of the Project Area
Aerial Photo
Existing Land Use
Building Footprints
Business Improvement Districts
Historic Districts

Additional Context
Multi-Family Housing Market Analysis (2012)
Downtown Residential Occupancy (2012)
Downtown Office Occupancy (2012)
Waterfront Office Occupancy (2012)
Downtown Consumer Survey Report (2012)


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