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SLANT Competition 2013

Date: 3/1/2013 - 5/20/2013

Type: Competitions / Awards

Location(s): International


SLANT COMPETITION 2013...”Evoking Memories”

With this competition contestants are being invited to submit a design for a show garden which, if selected, will become part of SlantFest, our new online garden festival for summer 2013. The theme for this festival is “Evoking Memories,” and you will be free to interpret this theme as you please. This is an open and international competition and as such is open to all designers from around the world, of all disciplines, and at all levels of experience.

One of the central features of SLANT competitions is that it is not tied down to any global location, so contestants are free to express themselves in a way that is most familiar to them. There will be six merit awards and six cash prizes on offer for the best designs. With three 'entry levels' to choose from, fees will range from €30 to €60 to €120 and the total proposed prize fund is €5,400.

Full details on Closing date for receipt of completed designs is May 20, 2013.


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