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WEF Seeks Reviewers for Green Infrastructure Implementation Manual

Date: 2/8/2013 - 2/28/2013

Type: Others

Location(s): US


The Water Environment Federation (WEF) Technical Practice Committee is looking for reviewers for a special publication to be titled Green Infrastructure Implementation. The publication will provide actionable information that promotes implementation of green infrastructure. It will identify obstacles and provide approaches to overcome these barriers at the programmatic level. This book is intended to work in tandem with the recently released Design of Urban Stormwater Controls (Manual of Practice No. 23) and other books that focus on design of green infrastructure elements. The manual is scheduled for publication in June 2014.

The project, being led by Carol Hufnagel of Tetra Tech and Nancy Rottle of the University of Washington, has already launched, and the detailed chapter outlines will be ready for review this month. If interested in participating as a reviewer, please contact Britt Sheinbaum, WEF project manager, at


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