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Botany in Action Fellowship CFP: field research funding + science engagement via a botanic garden

Date: 11/19/2012 - 1/18/2013

Type: Fellowships / Scholarships / Internships

Location(s): US

Description: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (Pittsburgh, PA) is currently accepting proposals for its 2013 Botany in Action Fellowship program, which fosters the development of a next generation of plant-based scientists who are committed, first, to excellent research, and second, to educational outreach.

Open to PhD students enrolled at US graduate institutions and conducting plant-based scientific field research, the BIA program provides each Fellow with: 1) $5,000 for use towards field research and related expenses at sites in the US or abroad (including expenses for travel, food, housing, laboratory supplies, and to return research findings to the research host community), 2) an all-expenses paid trip to Phipps in Pittsburgh, PA, to engage in science outreach training and opportunities to translate and communicate his or her research to non-scientific, public audiences through written, visual, oral and/or multimedia means, and 3) subsequent opportunities to communicate his or her research to public audiences through Phipps classes, programs, newsletters, exhibits onsite and online, and other outreach venues.

BIA Fellowship research priorities (listed in no particular order):* - Ethnobotany, with special interest in medicinal plants; - Diversity and conservation, particularly in regional (southwest Pennsylvania and tri-state area) and tropical forests; - Landscape and brownfield restoration, particularly in plant-based ecosystem services; - Sustainable landscapes. *For 2013, special consideration will be given to research in the following areas (listed in no particular order): - Ethnobotany and/or plant-based conservation in central Africa; - Plant-based ecosystem services for landscape and brownfield restoration; - Sustainable landscapes in the US, particularly applicable to the southwest Pennsylvania and tri-state area.

Learn more about Phipps, the BIA fellowship program, and how to apply.


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