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Dumbarton Oaks Landscape Internship, DC

Date: 6/3/2012

Type: Fellowships / Scholarships / Internships

Location(s): District of Columbia


Dumbarton Oaks Summer Landscape Internships 2012
Postmark Deadline: March 9

The Garden and Landscape Studies program at Dumbarton Oaks announces three internship opportunities, to be jointly administered by the director of the Dumbarton Oaks gardens and the director of Garden & Landscape Studies. Open to currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students in landscape architecture, environmental design, historic preservation, history of art and architecture, archaeology, GIS, and related fields, the internships will each have a distinct focus. One landscape architecture intern will be appointed, reinstating a summer position that was available to landscape architecture students at Dumbarton Oaks between the 1950s and 1970s. This intern will work in the garden under the supervision of the garden staff in the mornings, learning planting design, maintenance, and management strategies as they apply to a historic garden. Afternoons will be available for the intern to pursue a research project of his or her own choosing appropriate to the resources of Dumbarton Oaks or Washington, D.C.


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