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SITES Certifies New Set of Landscapes, The Dirt, August 7, 2014 

With Four New Landscapes, SITES Certifies 30th Project, The Dirt, February 2, 1014   


Landscape Architects and Their Clients Tackle SITES, The Dirt, November 26, 2013 

SITES Certifies First Four-star Landscape, The Dirt, November 26, 2013 

SITES Certifies Eight More Projects, The Dirt, August 12, 2013 

SITES Certifies Four More Projects, The Dirt, March 7, 2013 

Revised SITES Credits Open for Public Comment
, LAND, September 26, 2012

Have Your Say: Revised SITES Credits Open for Public Comment, The Dirt, September 26, 2012 

SITES Certifies Eight Projects, The Dirt, September 17, 2012

First Projects Certified by SITES National Rating System for Sustainable Landscapes, ASLA Press Release, January 25, 2012


The Race to SITES Certification, The Dirt, November 2, 2011 

Two SITES Projects Tell All, The Dirt, October 5, 2011 

Measuring the Success of a Landscape, The Dirt, April 13, 2011 


Quantifying the Benefits of the Sustainable Sites Initiative, The Dirt, November 18, 2010 

Applying the Sustainable Sites Initiative, The Dirt, November 17, 2010 

Pilot Projects Put Sustainable Landscape Rating System into Action, ASLA Press Release, May 25, 2010


New Landscape Rating System to Transform the Industry, Complete Green Building Puzzle, ASLA Press Release, November 5, 2009

Should SITES Offer a Professional Credential?, The Dirt, September 28, 2009 


Many Save on Utility Bills Indoors, but Not with Their Yard, Lawn, or Garden, According to an American Society of Landscape Architects' Survey, ASLA Press Release, October 4, 2008

Landscape Structures Commits $200,000 to Sustainable Sites Initiative, ASLA Press Release, June 17, 2008


Green Building Moves Outdoors, ASLA Press Release, October 6, 2007


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