2014 Fellows Profiles

The American Society of Landscape Architects will elevate 32 members to the ASLA Council of Fellows for 2014. Fellowship is among the highest honors the ASLA bestows on members and recognizes the contributions of these individuals to their profession and society at large based on their works, leadership and management, knowledge, and service. The 2014 class of new fellows will be recognized at the 2014 ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo, November 21-24 in Denver.

The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time. Individuals considered for this distinction must be full members of ASLA in good standing for at least ten years and must be recommended to the Council of Fellows by the Executive Committee of their local chapter, the Executive Committee of ASLA, or the Executive Committee of the Council of Fellows.

Williams Arterburn

William Tary Arterburn, ASLA
Studio Outside
Dallas , Texas

William Tary Arterburn, of Studio Outside, received his nomination, for Works, from the Texas Chapter. With a career spanning four decades, he is an inspiration to students and fellow practitioners alike. He has expanded the profession through community involvement, academic participation, and professional mentorship and shared his high ideals of ethical practice to his clients. He has a particular mastery of extending patterns, textures, and ideas to make interior and exterior spaces one cohesive continuum. In sum, he has rewarded the profession with continued efforts to be an invaluable, tireless practitioner, teacher, and leader. The excellence of his environmental and residential work has earned his firm recognition with dozens of awards from the ASLA and others. His BLA is from Louisiana State University and MBA from Southern Methodist University.

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Keiji Asakura

Keiji Asakura, ASLA
Asakura Robinson Company, LLC
Houston, Texas

Keiji Asakura, of the Asakura Robinson Company, received his nomination, for Service, from the Texas Chapter. He devotes himself to a profusion of service projects while also forging a distinguished professional career. He instigates creative ideas, dedicates time, and shares expertise consistently with significant civic impact. Equally important, he understands that lasting results depend on the enthusiastic shared commitments of many stakeholders. His thousands of hours of pro bono work have demonstrated the invaluable role that progressive landscape architecture and ecological planning play in the creation of vital, livable, and beautiful cities. His extensive community-development initiatives in Houston's widely diverse neighborhoods have made people's lives better and their understanding of the value of landscape architectural excellence deeper. His BSLA is from Cal Poly Pomona.

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Hunter Beckham

Hunter Beckham, ASLA
SWT Design
St. Louis, Missouri

Hunter Beckham, of SWT Design, received his nomination, for Leadership/Management, from the St. Louis Chapter. He spearheaded federal legislative approval and funding for the Historic American Landscape Survey. He was an early promoter of and contributor to the Sustainable Sites Initiative and led the certification of two SITES pilot projects. He is a leader in the St. Louis business and academic communities and has brought together state and local officials on issues important to landscape architects. On the academic front, he offers his time and knowledge demonstrating to students and faculty how to incorporate professional values and metrics into their own professional skill sets. Under his leadership, membership of the St. Louis Chapter nearly tripled and activity surged. At the local level, he is a tireless advocate in the development of the Washington University Master of Landscape Architecture program. His BLA is from the University of Arkansas.

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Axel Bishop

Axel Bishop, ASLA
Design Concepts
Lafayette, Colorado

Axel Bishop, of Design Concepts, received his nomination, for Leadership/Management, from the Colorado Chapter. A leading advocate promoting sustainable landscapes, stormwater management, and learning landscapes in the West, he was a speaker for the first Xeriscape Council. He redesigned and codified regional stormwater and drainage systems as naturalized recreational amenities. And he forged new educational frontiers in landscape design for school districts in multiple states. He possesses a unique ability to align citizens and government entities in support of fundamental changes in land design. Many of his ideas are now common practice across America. He also laid the early groundwork to protect the integrity of the practice of landscape architecture for Colorado’s multi-decade re-licensure efforts. His Bachelor of Parks Administration and Landscape Architecture is from Texas Tech University.

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Kevin Conger

Kevin Conger, ASLA
CMG Landscape Architecture
San Francisco, California

Kevin Conger, of CMG Landscape Architecture, received his nomination, for Leadership/Management, from the Northern California Chapter. His sustained focus on the improvement of San Francisco's open public space has established deep relationships among sustaining organizations and public agencies. He has been a design leader for many of San Francisco’s projects of benefit to the public, which recently includes the redesign of Market Street, San Francisco’s main transit and cultural boulevard. He has also carried his transit-oriented infrastructure concepts to Seattle. Even in his more modest projects he has generated significant community empowerment, such as a nonprofit farm-park that provides fresh, healthy produce to the food desert of West Oakland. His BSLA is from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and MLA from Rhode Island School of Design.

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Doug Findlay

Douglas Findlay, ASLA
PWP Landscape Architecture
Berkeley, California

Douglas Findlay, of PWP Landscape Architecture, received his nomination, for Works, from the Northern California Chapter. He is regarded as the leading voice in the integration of design into the coordination of highly complex landscape architectural projects, preserving the integrity of every project’s design concept through to its completion. Worldwide, his projects range from civic parks and university campuses to corporate headquarters, urban plazas, and private gardens. In a world of buildings, roads, and parking, he never loses sight of the need for fresh air, sunshine, shade, water management, and climatic and seasonal change—all necessities for health and well-being. He has shaped the firm’s foundation on these principles, paying particular attention to the importance of the place, the people, and the program. He received his BSLA from Cal Poly and MLA from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Jennifer Guthrie

Jennifer Guthrie, ASLA
Gustafson Guthrie Nichol
Seattle, Washington

Jennifer Guthrie, of Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, received her nomination, for Works, from the Washington Chapter. Her distinguished portfolio of projects and strong leadership skills have built and sustained one of the world’s leading design firms, produced some of the most influential landscape works of the new century, and shaped how emerging professionals approach landscape architecture. She insists on a rigor of the design process and deliverable that positions landscape architecture as essential to high-quality public spaces. She is a consistent advocate for the catalytic potential of high performance landscape architecture. As a result, her work has expanded the public’s understanding of landscape architecture’s role in civic life, the workplace, and education. She earned her BS in Architectural Studies and BLA from the University of Washington.

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Mark Hollinger

Mark Hollinger, ASLA
Costello, Hollinger, & Moore
Belmont, California

Mark Hollinger, of Costello, Hollinger & Moore—JMP Golf Design Group, received his nomination, in Works, from the Northern California Chapter. He is internationally renowned for a consistently strong integration of dramatic landscape elements forged into his golf course design concepts. He creates visually appealing, enjoyable, environmentally responsible, financially successful, and memorable courses for clients worldwide. He is well-known in Japan and SE Asia and introduced his style of golf course design to China in the early '90s. His golf courses are notable for his high standards of land planning with keen sensitivity to the best landscape architecture principles of environmental stewardship. He understands the value of golf as a visual community open space, and his designs feature highly detailed landscape elements, all integrated naturally, which is his signature. He received his BLA from University of Georgia.

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Mark Hough

Mark Hough, ASLA
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

Mark H. Hough, of Duke University, received his nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the North Carolina Chapter. His impact on the profession extends beyond shepherding the lush, Olmsted Brothers-designed university campus into the 21st century while protecting its rich heritage. As one of the strongest, most influential voices for his profession, he exemplifies the importance of broadening the definition of what it is to be a landscape architect. As a prolific writer and public speaker, he clearly and effectively articulates his perspective on complex, occasionally controversial, issues and challenges landscape architects to think more critically of their work. His online writing has enabled him also to reach allied professionals on the significant contributions of landscape architects. He has a BA in English from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and MLA from NC State.

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Danial Howe

Daniel Howe, ASLA
City of Raleigh
Raleigh, North Carolina

Daniel Anthony Howe, with the City of Raleigh, received his nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the North Carolina Chapter. He is the embodiment of both planning and landscape architecture in urban design, sustainability, responsible development, and environmental protection in one of the nation’s fastest-growing and most innovative cities. He is fluent in the languages of policy development, codes and ordinances, landscape architecture design, finance, politics, and academia. Through his contacts, writings, teaching, and public speaking, he uses his understanding of the many aspects of community design and governance to serve as an ambassador for the profession and engender appreciation for the depth of insight that landscape architects bring to complex urban issues. He earned his Bachelor of City Planning from University of Virginia and MLA from NC State.

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Peter Hummel

Peter Hummel, ASLA
Anchor QEA, LLC
Seattle, Washington

Peter Hummel, of Anchor QEA, received his nomination, in Works, from the Washington Chapter. His is a vibrant, rapidly growing, international, multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm. His dynamic coastal landscapes function as aesthetic experiences, social spaces, and nodes of ecological enrichment. He has set a standard in the region for technically and scientifically based design. His commitment to excellence contributes directly to the quality of life, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, as he seamlessly integrates human use, ecological restoration, environmental sustainability, and cultural expression in vastly different waterfront settings. His contributions to shoreline restoration and design, and its relevance to a range of organizations, demonstrate the expanded roles possible for all landscape architects in the environmental and ecological restoration field. His BSLA is from Cal Poly.

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Mikyoung Kim

Mikyoung Kim, ASLA
Mikyoung Kim Design
Boston, Massachusetts

Mikyoung Kim, of Mikyoung Kim Design and the Rhode Island School of Design, received her nomination, in Works, from the Boston Society. She addresses pressing environmental issues and celebrates the beauty of our collective human experience through contemporary materials and technologies. Her diverse background in design and sculpture shapes her body of work and eliminates the distinction between landscape architecture and environmental art. She has a sustained interest in family-centered public engagement and a heightened awareness of sustainability and hydrology. Her teaching mirrors her research on the integration of materials innovation with complex ecology. She has mastered timeless, multisensory landscape design and the way that it engages the user experience. Her BS in Sculpture/Art History is from Oberlin College and MLA from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Michael Kroll

Michael Kroll, ASLA
Miller Legg
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Michael Kroll, of Miller Legg, received his nomination, in Knowledge, from the Florida Chapter. His empirical understanding of ecosystems is unparalleled, as is his ability to apply that knowledge to restore the precious, widely diverse, and intricately interdependent natural systems of the Everglades. His means of understanding ecosystems and ability to share those methods with others have led to standards applied throughout the world to address the significant issues of invasive-species eradication and protection of threatened native habitats. His spectacular landscapes restore and create habitats that display the raw beauty and unique character of Florida’s eco-systems. He is also the first landscape architect to be accepted into and have graduated from the ACEC Senior Executive Institute. His BLA is from the University of Florida.

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Andrew Lavallee

Andrew LaVallee, ASLA
New York, NY

Andrew Lavallee, of AECOM, received his nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the New York Chapter. His vision of landscape architecture is as an organizing discipline to encourage optimal outcomes in the public realm. His acumen is evident in his large-scale open-space projects at Battery Park City, Hudson River Park, and the World Trade Center. Through such projects he demonstrates to public and private development leaders the critical importance of the landscape architectural viewpoint. He was an early advocate of integrated management planning as well as compaction-resistant manufactured soils. Through his writing, lectures, and teaching he continues to articulate management strategies that guide sustainability practices, on an institutional scale, to improve public urban open space. He has a BA in Art History from Trinity College and MLA from University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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Patricia Loheed, ASLA
Somerville, Massachusetts

Patricia Loheed, of Earthos-Institute and Boston Architectural College, received her nomination, in Knowledge, from the Boston Society. She is a well-recognized practitioner, educator, and researcher whose leadership in the establishment of the BAC accredited program has made landscape architecture education accessible for a diverse range of students. She cofounded Earthos to accelerate the practical application of research on sustainable, resilient design. In her work, she has introduced generations of potential practitioners and clients to the profession. The greatest offering she makes is the example of her own efforts. Her extensive body of work in the public sector, nonprofit design, and education demonstrates her commitment to equity and social justice. She received her BSLA from the University of Michigan and MLA from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Eugunia Martin

Eugenia Martin, ASLA
CYP Studios
Columbus, Ohio

Eugenia Martin, of CYP Studios, received her nomination, in Service, from the Ohio Chapter. Her leadership, experience, and vision for making the world a better place through low impact bike and pedestrian transportation is coupled with an unbridled passion for landscape architecture and the engagement of fellow design professionals. Her advocacy has provided elected leaders guidance at the local, state, and national levels on alternative transportation and infrastructure planning. Her ability to build rapport with legislators added sponsorship momentum for the national acts on Clean Water Affordability, Community Parks Revitalization, and Innovative Infrastructure. She is also a strong advocate of professional licensure for landscape architects and, throughout her career, has been equally energetic on behalf of the ASLA. Her BSLA is from Ohio State.

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jacinta McCann

Jacinta McCann, ASLA
San Francisco, California

Jacinta McCann, of AECOM, received her nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the Northern California Chapter. She leads her firm’s landscape architecture, master planning, urban design, and environmental planning practice and is responsible for 1,700 people throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. She has worked on transformational projects at all scales, and her leadership approach emphasizes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation. She believes that landscape architecture and landscape architects need to be at the forefront of strategic decision making that will drive solutions resulting in better social, environmental, and economic outcomes. As a mentor and role model, her leadership has elevated landscape architecture as a core discipline for design and construction teams worldwide. Her BLA is from the University of New South Wales.

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Lee-Ann Milburn

Lee-Anne Milburn, ASLA
Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture
Pomona, California

Lee-Anne Milburn, of Cal Poly Pomona, received her nomination, in Knowledge, from the Southern California Chapter. She is a scholar, communicator, teacher, mentor, and advocate for the profession of landscape architecture. Her scholarship has transformed the general appreciation among landscape architects and the general public alike that research-based design is vital. Her work with students and alumni has resulted in hundreds of informed, committed, actively engaged professionals. The diverse topics she addresses include low-impact development, stormwater management, community history and identity, economic and business development, climate change, design for healthy living, public attitudes toward water, and the relationship between non-farm rural landowners and farmers. Her BFA is from the University of Manitoba and Master's and PhD in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph.

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Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller, ASLA
National Capitol Planning Commission
Washington, DC

Elizabeth Miller, of the National Capital Planning Commission, received her nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the Potomac Chapter. A longtime advocate of innovative public policy, planning, and urban design initiatives, she works on the front line of emerging urbanism, smart growth, security design, and sustainability movements. Her collaboration and consensus building skills provide a platform to educate allied professionals, elected officials, the media, and the public about good development practices and how landscape architects improve holistic land use, public space, transportation, and appropriate infrastructure solutions. She continues to play a crucial role in shaping the public environment in the city of Washington, which includes stewardship of the L'Enfant and McMillan plans in monumental D.C. Her BLA is from the University of Florida and Master’s of Design Studies from Harvard.

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Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy, ASLA
Murphy Logistics
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Richard Murphy Jr., of Murphy Logistics, received his nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the Minnesota Chapter. Throughout his career as a supply-chain logistics leader, he has been the ultimate ambassador for the profession. He puts his passion for the principles of landscape architecture into practice daily through stormwater and resource management in the properties he oversees. As an ASLA Minnesota leader and University of Minnesota adjunct professor, he has shaped a generation of landscape architects on best business practices for enterprise management. His commitment to education and service to the profession exemplify how nontraditional paths for landscape architects can change our collective thinking and positively impact everyone around us. His BLA, BED, and MBA are from the University of Minnesota and MLA from Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Shannon Nichol

Shannon Nichol, ASLA
Gustafson Guthrie Nichol
Seattle, Washington

Shannon Nichol, of Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, received her nomination, in Works, from the Washington Chapter. Her mastery of the art, stewardship, and social responsibility of design practice has enriched and recharged communities, advanced understanding among municipalities and allied professionals, and consistently motivated design professionals to push boundaries. She has an exacting ability to discover and articulate robust, invigorating design concepts that bring complex groups and thinkers together to make powerful, beautiful, and practical places, including Boston’s North End Parks, Chicago’s Lurie Garden, and Seattle’s Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her strong presence in prominent collaborations and articulate public voice have shifted how peers, clients, and the public think about the landscape architect’s role in complex urban projects. Her BLA is from the University of Washington.

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Mario Nievera

Mario Nievera, ASLA
Nievera Williams Design Inc.
Palm Beach, Florida

Mario Nievera, of Nievera Williams Design, received his nomination, in Service, from the Florida Chapter. He consistently puts into action his belief that landscape architects have a responsibility to educate clients and the public on how landscape design excellence shapes healthy, memorable, and sustainable places to live, work, play, and congregate. In addition to his remarkable garden and product design practice, he is deeply involved in a wide array of philanthropic efforts in New York and Florida. His selfless willingness to share his time and expertise to highlight not himself but the profession as a whole—in regional and national events and awards programs—is prima facie evidence of his commitment to leadership both for himself and his colleagues everywhere. His BSLA is from Purdue.

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Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan, ASLA
Central Park Conservancy
New York, NY

Christopher Nolan, of the Central Park Conservancy, received his nomination, in Works, from the New York Chapter. As the chief landscape architect of the public space that represents the founding of landscape architecture in America, he has dedicated his career to upholding the unwavering commitment to design excellence established by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. His work in regenerating life in the park demonstrates that successful public spaces depend on the initial idea, the execution, and sustained involvement. From his early work on the Harlem Meer to restoration of Central Park's water bodies, playgrounds, buildings, bridges, and monuments, he has taken on the Herculean and ongoing task to return this legendary landscape back to the community it was intended to serve. His BSLA is from Cornell.

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Richard Powell

Richard Powell, ASLA
New York State Department of Public Service
Albany, New York

Richard Powell, with the New York Department of Public Service, received his nomination, in Service, from the New York Upstate Chapter. His stewardship of ASLA finances for 30 years prepared him to guide the Society through the most challenging financial times in its history. As a practitioner, he was an early innovator in environmental-impact documentation. He combines the passion of a landscape architect with the cool thinking of an accountant, quality-assurance auditor, and archivist to benefit the ASLA. He is a brain trust and leader for the ASLA and continues to plan financial transition strategies for coming economic times. His BS in Environmental Studies and BLA are from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and MS in Urban and Environmental Studies from Rensselaer.

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Terrence Reckord

Terrance Reckord, ASLA
MacLeod Reckord, PLLC
Seattle, Washington

Terrance Reckord, of MacLeod Reckord, received his nomination, in Works, from the Washington Chapter. He believes that design need not be stylistic, but should reflect client and community goals and core values as well as the intrinsic qualities of the site and context. His work from Northern California to Alaska has included park planning, urban design, and multi-modal transportation planning and design. His passion for the Northwest is reflected in the enthusiasm he expresses through his projects. He has expanded the role of landscape architects in the eyes of clients and colleagues as he continually strives to view the profession from different angles and expand his expertise as a landscape architect through his collaboration with allied professionals. His BLA is from the University of Washington.

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Sam Rogers

Sam Rogers, ASLA
University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Knoxville, Tennessee

Sam Rogers, with the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, received his nomination, in Service, from the Tennessee Chapter. During a career of four decades, he has served the profession through education, practice, and advocacy/volunteer initiatives. He has elevated the visibility, capacity, and stature of landscape architecture to the benefit of the profession at large and the various constituencies his service has touched. Through his 30 years at UT Knoxville, he has established an accredited professional landscape architecture program, a shared effort that resulted in full LAAB recognition in 2012. Throughout his career he has been a practitioner and educator who softened the lines between academia, practice, and pro bono service. His BS in Agronomy and Soil Science is from the University of Tennessee and MLA from University of Georgia, Athens.

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Nancy Rottle

Nancy Rottle, ASLA
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Nancy Rottle, of the University of Washington, received her nomination, in Knowledge, from the Washington Chapter. As a landscape architect and educator, she has focused on how to generate, test, and share knowledge to elevate the appreciation and stewardship of the environment. Her accomplishments derive from her ability to mine planning and design projects to fuel her insightful body of research and numerous publications. She has inspired many in scores of presentations and lectures in the U.S. and abroad. She is a skilled practitioner, an inspiring teacher, and an inspired researcher who advances the theory and practice of landscape architecture in all she does. Her BA in Education is from Fairhaven College and BLA and MLA from the University of Oregon.

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John Royster

John Royster, ASLA
Big Muddy Workshop
Omaha, Nebraska

John Parke Royster, of Big Muddy Workshop, received his nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the Great Plains Chapter. His sustained leadership through his environmental, organizational, community, and design efforts has strengthened landscape architect licensure, provided inspiration to organizations throughout Nebraska, and enhanced the quality of built landscapes and people’s lives. He strives to empower others, and the nonprofits he serves are more economically sound, environmentally positioned, and politically savvy as a direct result of his involvement. He remains a respected mentor, advocate, and advisor to three regional landscape architecture programs and continues making a difference in ways that will benefit Great Plains citizens, communities, ecosystems, and landscape architects for generations to come. His BS is from South Dakota State University and MLA from Kansas State University.

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Stephen Shurtz, ASLA
City of Baton Rouge, Department of Public Works
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Stephen Shurtz, with the City of Baton Rouge, received his nomination, in Service, from the Louisiana Chapter. His volunteer service has made him a highly visible proponent of landscape architecture and urban forestry. As Louisiana Chapter President in 2002, he helped organize the highly successful ASLA Annual Meeting in New Orleans that year. His drive to create a statewide continuing education requirement has greatly strengthened the profession in Louisiana. He regularly interacts with top-level politicians and related professionals and always emphasizes the importance of design, planning, and green infrastructure management. As an adjunct professor at LSU, he also encourages students with his design and construction experience to consider the rapidly emerging field of municipal urban forestry and landscape management. His BLA is from Louisiana State University.

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Margaret Staeheli

Peg Staeheli, ASLA
SvR Design Company
Seattle, Washington

Peg Staeheli, of SvR Design Company, received her nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the Washington Chapter. One of the Northwest’s most effective proponents of sustainable design, particularly in the wise use and management of water, she demonstrates a commitment and record of successful project implementation that has shown an ever-larger number of design professionals, government managers, and private individuals how they, too, can be effective stewards of the landscape and the resources it encompasses. In turn, she has led her staff toward creative exploration to uncover new, more elegant ways to raise the performance of basic infrastructure. Her unique combination of leadership skills, nimbleness, technical expertise, and tangible results sets the bar high and entices others to follow. Her BSLA is from Washington State University.

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David Walker

David Walker, ASLA
PWP Landscape Architecture
Berkeley, California

David Walker, of PWP Landscape Architecture, received his nomination, in Works, from the Northern California Chapter. His projects span the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia, and his vision is clearly represented in the firm's extensive portfolio. He has led the charge in long-term design efforts for the Novartis Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland—now in its 15th year of development—and Barangaroo in Sydney, the waterfront development of a former container terminal. Among his more recent accolades, Novartis was recognized in 2013 with an ASLA Honor Award. Beyond skilled conceptual design, he knows how to direct the long and complex political processes of a project through to implementation. He maintains the proverbial big idea while immersed in its finest details. He has a BFA LA from the Rhode Island School of Design and MLA from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Thomas Written

Thomas Witten, ASLA
PBR Hawaii & Associates
Honolulu, Hawaii

Thomas Witten, of PBR HAWAII & Associates, received his nomination, in Leadership/Management, from the Hawai'i Chapter. He leads a preeminent design firm skillfully and has advanced the profession through his fervent efforts to establish a professional degree program at the University of Hawai'i. He works in an island ecosystem where the people have long valued the land and its resources. And he has built a reputation as the very best in planning communities and landscapes that address cultural and environmental sensitivities effectively while delivering complex, high quality projects to developers, landowners, and state and county agencies. He has successfully raised the position and role of landscape architecture for projects of all sizes with his extensive knowledge and professionalism. His BLA is from University of California, Berkeley.

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