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2013 Annual Meeting Handouts

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Field Sessions 

FS001 Newport's Cultural and Historic Landscapes–Past to Present 
FS002 Sustainable Futures for Historic Properties: Estates in North Easton and Milton
FS003 Historic Landscapes Cemeteries in the 21st Century and Contemporary Design Challenges  
FS004 Walking Downtown Providence  
FS005 The Emerald Necklace: Balancing the Past, the Present, and the Future 
FS006 New Campus Interventions at Wellesley & MIT 
FS008 Landscapes by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates 
FS009 The Boston Tree Party: Examining Tree Planing in the City  
FS010 The Residential Gardens of Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture  
FS011 Recent Work of Stephen Stimson Associates 
FS013 Landscaped of Therapy at Boston Area Teaching Hospitals  
FS015  Biking for All: Eliminating Barriers to Bicycling and Beyond
FS016 The Past, Present, and Future of Harvard University Campus Spaces
FS017 Sketch Boston 
FS018 Outdoor Classrooms Designed for Learning  
FS020 The Rose Kennedy Greenway

Friday Education Sessions

FRI-A01 The Continuity of Change: Adapting and Interpreting Modernist Era Landscapes 
FRI-A02 Translating Research into Restoration: Exterior Environments for Wounded Warriors 
FRI-A03 Advanced Water Movement in Soils–How it Really Works! 
FRI-A04 Floating Treatment Wetlands: Sustainable Green Infrastructure for Water Quality 
FRI-A05 Bayou Greenways: An Urban Park System Like No Other 
FRI-A06 The New Energy Landscape: Planning, Permitting, and Development of Renewables 
FRI-A07 Landscape Forensics: Why Things Fail 
FRI-A08 Shifting Food Systems, Part 1: Agriculture and the Angles We Never Considered  
FRI-A09 Ecological Design: The Genius of Nature 
FRI-B01 Landscape Irrigation Problems and Mistakes That Waste Water and Money 
FRI-B02 Seattle's Olympics Sculpture Park Turns 5 
FRI-B03 Healthy Soils: Physical, Organic, and Chemical Properties  
FRI-B04 What's Next for Landscape Architecture in Africa 
FRI-B05 Walking the Line: Balancing Complex Teams and Constrained Budgets 
FRI-B07 Groundbreaking: Design Excellence and the GSA's New Focus on Performative Landscapes  
FRI-B08 Moving Environments and Dynamic Possibilities  
FRI-B09 Feasibility of Native Species and Natural Communities on Green Roofs  
FRI-B10 Therapeutic, Restorative, or Enabling: Are All Healing Gardens Designed the Same? 
FRI-C01 Forest Sustainability and Stewardship: Taxes, Warblers, Jobs, and Logs in New Jersey 
FRI-C02 Cloud-Based Professional Practice: Distributed Virtual Collaborations  
FRI-C03 Better Practices: The Artful Rainwater Design Approach To Green Infrastructure  
FRI-C04 Assessing the Impact of Landscape Designs on Ecosystem Services and Human Health 
FRI-C05 Emerging As Leaders Through Economic Downturn 
FRI-C06 Shifting Food Systems, Part 2: Multi-Scale Agricultural Applications in Our Cities  
FRI-C07 Playing it Too Safe? 
FRI-C08 Landscape/Structural Accent Lighting: Design, Cost-Estimating, and Energy Use Analysis  
FRI-C09 The Tale of Three Alleys: Integrating Green Infrastructure i nDiverse Neighborhoods  
FRI-C10 Moving to a Regenerative Marketplace: The Monetization of Ecosystem Services  
FRI-D01 Inside the LA Studio with Mikyoung Kim  
FRI-D02 Thinking in Systems: How Urban Agriculture and Systems Ecology Can Reshape the City  
FRI-D03 Complete/Green Streets: Long-Term Performance Through Systems Integration
FRI-D04 Green Resorts: The Metrics of Sustainable Certification for Resort Development 
FRI-D05 Sustainable Living Walls: It's All About Maintenance  
FRI-D06 Boston Through the Eyes of Landscape Architects 
FRI-D07 Cool Off! A Park for Everyone 
FRI-D08 Solving the Congestion Crisis in America's National Parks 
FRI-D09 Manhattan's Shadow Park System: Beneath the Occupy Wall Street/Zuccotti Park Debate  
FRI-D10 Sustainable  Solutions: Using Technology to Conserve Water

 Saturday Education Sessions 

SAT-A01 Inside the LA Studio with PWP Landscape Architecture  
SAT-A02 Food for Thought: Productive Landscapes in the Public Realm  
SAT-A03 Better Business: A SITES™ Pilot Project Discussion with Designers and Their Clients  
SAT-A04 Saving Every Drop: Landscape Water Conservation and American Diplomacy  
SAT-A05 Capture, Create, and Convey with HD Laser Scanning and Other New 3D Technologies  
SAT-A06 The Pitfalls and Success Strategies of International Practice  
SAT-A07 The Art and Science of Designing Native Landscapes: Meadows, Grasslands, and Woodlands 
SAT-A08 Green Wall Performance Evaluation, Technology Innovations, and Integrated Design  
SAT-A09 Campus Transformation: Living Laboratories for Learning 
SAT-A10 Collaboration and Healthier Communities  
SAT-B01 Inside the LA Studio with Claude Cormier + Associés
SAT-B02 Planting Design: Inspiration and Creativity from Nature and Art  
SAT-B03 Nature/Culture and Uniting Divided Constituencies in Urban Park Management  
SAT-B04 Freehand Visions: Sketchbook to Screen  
SAT-B05 Stay or Go: Adapting to Increasing Coastal Flooding  
SAT-B06 Large Firm Roundtable: Big is the New Small
SAT-B07 Small Business Roundtable: Keeping the Power of Small When it Gets a Little Bigger 
SAT-B08 The Tale of Two Parks on New York City's Two Rivers 
SAT-B09 Beauty and Performance 
SAT-B10 Designing for Water Scarcity: Experience from a Semi-AridLandscape

 Sunday Education Sessions

SUN-A01 Inside the LA Studio with Patrick Blanc  
SUN-A02 The OMS (One Man Show) Roundtable: Inside the True Small Firm 
SUN-A03 The Making of 30 Landscape Photographs 
SUN-A04 Effective Strategies for Horticulture Sustainability in Planting Design 
SUN-A05 Great Public Spaces: Philadelphia's Regional Foundation Creates a Public Space Fund 
SUN-A06 Drawing: Lost & Found 
SUN-A07 Infrastructure as Urban Landscape: Creating a Resilient NYC 
SUN-A08 An Evolving Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities for Landscape Architects in China  
SUN-A09 When Streets Are Fair Game: Creating an Urban Neighborhood for Campus Living  
SUN-A10 Sweet & Salt: Water and the Dutch
SUN-B01Vertical Gardens in Every Climate
SUN-B02 Product Design and Its Relationship to Natural and Built Environments
SUN-B03 Phytotechnologies for Landscape Design: Using Plants to Clean Up Contaminated Sites 
SUN-B04 Performative Mosaic for Urban Trees 
SUN-B05 Thinking about Tomorrow's Waterfront Parks: Lessons from Hurricane Sandy and Beyond 
SUN-B06 Sustainable Drainage: The Intersection of Performance & Experience in the Landscape 
SUN-B07 Innovations in Employee Personal and Professional Developmen
SUN-B08 Building Bridges for Bats: Infrastructure, Ecology, and a Wildly Integrated Future
SUN-B09 Green Infrastructure: A Landscape Approach 
SUN-B10 Sustainability + Regeneration: A Cultural Exchange with France
SUN-B11 Doing Well by Doing Good: Why Landscape Architects Need the ACE Mentor Program

Monday Education Sessions

MON-A01 Planting: Unlocking Creativity Through New Avenues of Designer/Grower Collaboration 
MON-A02 Landscape Commissioning: A New Model for Confirming and Maintaining Performance  
MON-A03 Sustaining Parks with a Triple Bottom Line: Ecology, Economy, & Equity 
MON-A04 Moving beyond the PVC Farm: Smart Growth Solutions To Stalled Communities  
MON-A05 Appropriate Interventions in Making Vernacular Stormwater Infrastructure 
MON-A06 Flight 93 National Memorial: Restoring Mined Soils for Native Plants 
MON-A07 Shaping the Public Realm: The Intersection of Art, Design, and Planning  
MON-A08 Solar Panels and Green Roofs Fully Integrated–The Smart Future Development    
MON-A09 The Street COMPLETE 
MON-A10 Living Architecture: Optimized Performance Through Enlightened, Integrated Design
MON-B01 Construction Documents in a Digital Age  
MON-B02 Banned in the USA? Achieving Accessibility with Unit Pavers  
MON-B03 GeoDesign: A New "Old" Approach to Design
MON-B04 Designing the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in Washington  
MON-B05 Details Matter: Selection, Design, and Implementation of Low Impact Development (LID) 
MON-B06 Great Places-Safe Spaces: A Holistic Approach to Integrating Security with Design  
MON-B07 Compelling Storytelling: Integrating Art, Information, and Landscape  
MON-B08 Project180: The Renaissance of Downtown Oklahoma City  
MON-B09 Bridging Science and Design: Ecologists Reflect on Landscape Architecture  
MON-B10 Boston Urban Wilds: Sustaining a Landmark Urban Ecology Program
MON-C01 Emerging Professionals Roundtable: A Dialogue Between Established and Emerging Professionals 
MON-C02 Light in the Public Realm  
MON-C03 Evaluation Construction Products with Reduced Environmental and Health Impacts 
MON-C04 Green Infrastructure Lessons Learned–And We Still Got Paid
MON-C05 Make Your Vegetated Roof Work Harder as a Stormwater BMP 
MON-C06 Re-Imagining the Schoolyard: Innovative Design Ideas for Outdoor Learning
MON-C07 Pacoima Wash Greenway: Recalibrating Infrastructure for Environmental Justice 
MON-C08 After Ike: Sea Level Rise and Redevelopment of Galveston Island State Park  
MON-C09 (R)evolution: Planning for Ecological Change and Resiliency at a Public Garden 
MON-C10 Integrating New Materials into Landscape Design Systems 
MON-D01 Economic Resiliency: Building a Lasting Career in Landscape Architecture  
MON-D02 Path of the Pioneers: Cultivating Prairies and Native Lawns and Soil Biology  
MON-D03 EPIC Design Excellence in Landscapes of Diplomacy and the Worldwide Public Realm 
MON-D04 Fire, Water, and Pixels: Catalyzing Ecological Resilience for Cultural Landscapes  
MON-D05 Land Candy: The Antidote for a Profession That Has Lost Its Wit
MON-D06 Urban Furniture: Trending Movements in Design and Fabrication  
MON-D07 Integrative Research Frontiers in the National Academy of Environmental Design 
MON-D08 Rooftop Agriculture: The New Green Roof Frontier 
MON-D09 Brownfields: Redevelopment and Revitalization 
MON-D10 Willows in Urban Creeks: Revealing Ecology and Social Goals in Restoration  


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