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2013 Fellows Profiles

The American Society of Landscape Architects will elevate 33 members to the ASLA Council of Fellows for 2013. Fellowship is among the highest honors the ASLA bestows on members and recognizes the contributions of these individuals to their profession and society at large based on their works, leadership and management, knowledge, and service. The 2013 class of new fellows will be recognized at the 2013 ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo, November 15-18 in Boston.

The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time. Individuals considered for this distinction must be full members of ASLA in good standing for at least ten years and must be recommended to the Council of Fellows by the Executive Committee of their local chapter, the Executive Committee of ASLA, or the Executive Committee of the Council of Fellows.


Michael Abbaté, ASLA
Portland Parks & Recreation
Portland, Oregon

Michael Abbaté received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Oregon Chapter. His 27-year career in the Pacific Northwest is distinguished by exceptional design, leadership, and management in all of his professional and volunteer endeavors. As his career has cycled between the private and public sectors, his commitment to excellence in design, management, ecological commitment, and spirituality has remained steadfast. These principles guide him and inspire those around him from the scale of urban plaza team manager to his current position as the director of Portland Parks and Recreation. He shares his time and talents generously, from volunteer leadership- including Oregon ASLA, the Intertwine Alliance, and others- to planning two eco-tourism parks in the Central African Republic. He received his BSLA from Cal Poly Pomona. 

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Douglas Allen, ASLA
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia

Douglas Allen received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Georgia Chapter. As the only landscape architect at the Georgia Tech College of Architecture, where he has led and taught for 36 years, Professor Emeritus Allen has influenced an entire generation of architects and city planners. He made clear that each designer's work is part of a greater context, a message he frequently also shares with the public. He co-created the school's study abroad program, now in its 20th year, and was instrumental in forming the urban design degree program there. He describes his work as a mission to promote the unique contributions that landscape architects have made in our cities, towns, and regions. His BSLA is from the University of Georgia and MLA from Harvard.

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H. Edward Black, ASLA
H. Edward Black& Associates, Ltd.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

H. Edward Black received his nomination, for Service, from the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter. His career-long mission is to demonstrate to the public and government officials that landscape architects are team leaders “from the walls out.” It took root in 1974 when he secured a position on the Pennsylvania State Board of Landscape Architects and continues to flourish. In 2015 he will be president of the Pennsylvania State Association of First Class Township Commissioners. Throughout, he has worked in cooperation with architects and engineers as the state developed and reaffirmed its landscape architect's practice act. Through his firm's design work and his public leadership roles, Ed Black has demonstrated the value of the vital contributions of his chosen profession. He earned his BSLA from Penn State University.

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H. Duane Blossom, ASLA
Todd & Associates
Phoenix, Arizona

H. Duane Blossom received his nomination, for Service, from the Arizona Chapter. Throughout his professional career of over 50 years, Duane has focused his attention on place-making for projects that make a significant contribution to the community at large. A pivotal midpoint in his career was as a principal for POD, Inc., working with Ron Izumita to establish the firm as leaders in landscape architecture. As a practitioner and educator, his story-board-workshop design approach uses critical thinking and visual communication to build consensus among all stakeholders. His clear understanding of the programming and concept development, together with his analytical approach and superior graphic abilities, have helped clients and the general public understand the importance of the design process. Today, Duane continues to share his love of drawing, landscape art, and the vast potential of nature to mentor students and young professionals through sketching and design workshops, passing on this legacy to future generations of landscape architects. His BSLA is from Kansas State and MLA from the Harvard GSD.

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Craig A. Churchward, ASLA
Avenue Design Partners
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Craig A. Churchward received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Minnesota Chapter. Through his decades of dedicated service in private practice and public positions of responsibility, he has effectively expanded the role of landscape architects in the development of procedures and public policies that allow new approaches to multi-modal transportation delivery. His leadership and advocacy regionally and nationally have resulted in transportation programs and projects that promote health, conserve and restore natural and cultural communities, enhance scenery, and spur economic vitality. As a consultant, teacher, and frequent lecturer, he advocates strongly for a broad cross-disciplinary team approach to create innovative transportation systems that enhance the lives of millions of people every day. He earned his professional degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

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Terry L. Clements, ASLA
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia

Terry L. Clements received her nomination, for Service, from the Virginia Chapter. She is a consummate leader and advocate of landscape architecture through her work with students, fellow professionals, allied disciplines, and community groups. She serves as an excellent role model for engagement and has advanced the profession through her service within academia, through all levels of the ASLA since she was a student, on international boards, and for school accreditation and professional licensure in Virginia. She worked to include green infrastructure, health, and sustainability in the development of the Virginia Outdoor Plan and, throughout her career, has been an advocate for women in landscape architecture. She received her BSLA from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and MLA from UC Berkeley.

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Michael Shaun Cole Sr., ASLA
ColeJenest & Stone
Raleigh, North Carolina

Michael Shaun Cole Sr. received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the North Carolina Chapter. His leadership has expanded access to affordable higher education, appreciation of the value of landscape architecture for resources stewardship and economic development, and quality of life initiatives for the profession and public. In his engagement with both the Charlotte and Raleigh chambers of commerce for more than 30 years and his master plans for both cities, his commitment has contributed immeasurably to the economic well-being of North Carolina. Across the Carolinas he is also noted for his work on water management, blueways, and historic landmark recognition. He earned his Bachelor of Environmental Design in Landscape Architecture from N.C. State and continues to work on behalf of the school.

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Paul K. Comstock, ASLA
Comstock Landscape Architecture
Malibu, California

Paul K. Comstock received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Southern California Chapter. Over three decades he has practiced with an emphasis on themed environments and residences, including a stint as a Disney Imagineer. His research and collaborative spirit have influenced nurseries and growers around the world to expand their plant palettes, giving landscape architects the opportunity to incorporate forgotten or overlooked materials into their designs. His work balances independent research, sharing information with peers, and mentoring landscape architecture graduates. His seed exchange efforts and research on local practices have taken him to 80 countries—research that allows him to create a global range of environments and has propagated millions of plants for use throughout the U.S. He received his Landscape Architecture certificate from UCLA.

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Susannah C. Drake, ASLA
dlandstudio architecture + landscape architecture pllc
Brooklyn, New York

Susannah C. Drake received her nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the New York Chapter. Her vision for the past 20 years has been for cities and communities to address, through design, solutions to climate change. She is a trustee of the Van Alen Institute, former president and trustee of the New York Chapter of the ASLA, urban design professor at Cooper Union, and associate of the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design. Her advisory appointments to New York City task forces spurred additions on climate resilience to its Waterfront Zoning and development of the city’s new green infrastructure standards and the fourth Regional Plan of the N.Y./N.J./Conn. metropolitan area. She received her BA from Dartmouth and her MArch and MLA from the Harvard GSD.

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Christopher D. Flagg, ASLA
FLAGG Design Studio, LLC
Jacksonville, Florida

Christopher D. Flagg received his nomination, for Service, from the Florida Chapter. Over the course of his diverse career, he has acted at the local, state, and regional levels to make significant improvements to the quality of community life within Florida. Most specifically, his long-term affiliations with nonprofit organizations have promoted the development of Jacksonville—including its historic neighborhoods—as vibrant, livable, and visually appealing places. He facilitated citizen engagement at a time when no other agency or organization was directly involved with that level of neighborhood activism. At the university level within the state, he generously donates his time, professional experience, and expertise to hundreds of students annually through class critiques, guest lectures and student graphic workshops. His BSLA is from Louisiana State University.

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Eric D. Groft, ASLA
Oehme, van Sweden & Associates, Landscape Architecture
Washington, DC

Eric D. Groft received his nomination, for Works, from the Potomac Chapter. As one of three who lead the second generation of Oehme, van Sweden & Associates, he has demonstrated excellence in design through a renowned, diverse body of work. His close involvement with the plant and design masters of the New American Garden put him at the center of the firm’s widely published public campuses and residential gardens of the 1980s and ’90s. Since taking the design reins in 1998, his body of work serves as testimony to the emergence of a sustainable, resilient landscape aesthetic. His public and private work also demonstrates that the New American Garden style works successfully across the spectrum of contemporary client demands. He earned his MLA from the University of Virginia.

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Debra Guenther, ASLA
Seattle, Washington

Debra Guenther received her nomination, for Service, from the Washington Chapter. Her collaborative work as a designer, leader, and innovator, and her dedication to the public realm has enriched the national discourse on the built environment. For 30 years, over the entire course of her experience in practice, her body of work reflects her own commitment to natural processes and has resulted in nationally recognized examples of system-based design that are compelling and sustainably functional. She believes that it is important to expose urban dwellers to natural experiences. A committed leader of multi-disciplinary work, she has consistently brought landscape architecture and site issues to the table throughout the green building revolution. Her commitment to the challenge is evident through her participation with interdisciplinary organizations such as Urban Land Institute, US Green Building Council, Cascadia Region Green Building Council, International Living Futures Institute, and National Recreation and Parks Association, as well as her long term service as ASLA’s representative to the Sustainable Sites Initiative. She earned her BLA from Michigan State University.

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Joseph Hibbard, ASLA
Sasaki Associates
Watertown, Massachusetts

Joseph Hibbard received his nomination, for Works, from the Boston Chapter. His campus planning and design projects range from large public universities to private liberal arts institutions. He has worked on more than 60 campus plans in the U.S. and Japan and upholds a consistent philosophy that the local sense of place is the foundation for campus form. His projects for Sasaki Associates have contributed to the firm’s reputation as a national leader in comprehensive campus planning whose work is a model for others in the profession. His accomplishments exemplify interdisciplinary collaboration and an inclusive design approach that has celebrated the meaning and significance of landscape architecture to his clients. He received his BSLA from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

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Charlene M. LeBleu, ASLA
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama

Charlene M. LeBleu received her nomination, for Knowledge, from the Alabama Chapter. To her students at Auburn University she advocates that stormwater research and management are critical in landscape architecture. Beyond informing her lectures and publications, her research extends to real-world implementation as she provides hands-on educational experiences for students and sorely needed landscape interventions for rural, low-income communities across Alabama. When Albany State University flooded in 1994, she undertook a five-year, $23 million landscape recovery design-build effort. She strives to instill in her students this level of environmental conscience, ethic, and understanding that resource and cultural conservation is their legacy. She earned her Bachelor of Forest Resources & Conservation from the University of Florida and Master's of Community Planning and MLA from Auburn University.

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L. Peter MacDonagh, ASLA
The Kestrel Design Group
Edina, Minnesota

L. Peter MacDonagh received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Minnesota Chapter. He is an authority on low-impact stormwater management, green infrastructure, lake and river restoration, natural area management, green roofs, and soil bio-engineering. The hallmark of his career is the coupling of science and the landscape architecture design process for clients as diverse as public entities, schools, corporations, and mining and energy companies. In all his projects, knowledge gained through the lifelong study of natural landscapes ensures that his master plans, management plans, parks, and campuses reflect the local, native environment. As a lecturer at the University of Minnesota he draws on his experience to instill in students how landscapes, both natural and constructed, function. He received his BSLA from the University of Minnesota.

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Melissa R. Marshall, ASLA
MTR Landscape Architects
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Melissa R. Marshall received her nomination, for Works, from the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter. She has been instrumental in the evolution of botanical institutions from insular collectors of plants to vital cultural institutions and community leaders in landscape sustainability and wellness. Her work has helped set the bar for blending science, conservation, and the public experience. She has opened doors to an increasingly broad audience for horticulture by creating gardens that welcome families, people with interest in plants as food, and people with physical disabilities. Her 35-year practice has served more than 55 botanical institutions in 28 states, and the work has stood the test of time. Her gardens remain as they were built, decades later, functional and beautiful. She received her MLA from the Harvard GSD.

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Charles S. McDaniel, ASLA
SWA Group
Dallas, Texas

Charles S. McDaniel received his nomination, for Works, from the Texas Chapter. As managing principal of the SWA Group, he is internationally recognized particularly for his resort and hospitality projects. His professional accomplishments include dozens of design awards, mentoring of young professionals, design collaborations with allied professionals, international publication, and service to the design community through his outreach to local high schools, communities, and universities in Texas and Oklahoma. His understanding of the visual and functional qualities of space and the human need for intimacy in the designed environment is enlivened by his love of art and the organic forms found in nature, the power of which inspires his landscape design and his drive to share his expertise. He received his BSLA from Texas A&M.

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Jodie A. Petersen, ASLA
National Park Service
Lakewood, Colorado

Jodie A. Petersen received her nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Colorado Chapter. In public practice she manages high-profile design projects of national and international prominence, such as the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania and the first national park in Qatar. She has advanced both the perception and visibility of the profession in general and, particularly, public-sector landscape architects. In her wide range of duties she directs interdisciplinary teams and personally mentors other Park Service landscape architects in those projects’ complexities. She authored sustainability requirements—now included in all scopes of NPS work—that focus on integrated design services for planning, design, and construction. Her BS in Landscape Horticulture is from Colorado State University and MLA from the University of Colorado at Denver.

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Claudia G. Phillips, ASLA
Philadelphia University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Claudia G. Phillips received her nomination, for Service, from the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter. From leadership roles as a student ASLA member and teaching assistant to her subsequent rise through landscape architecture academia, she has consistently followed her dedication to service to the community and her students. Under her leadership teaching at Morgan State University, MLA program student numbers doubled, scholarships for students increased, and the program received full LAAB accreditation, even as she became actively involved in Baltimore community service. Subsequently, she helped develop, then directed the Philadelphia University BLA program. She sees a direct link between sustainable design and a service-learning approach to landscape architecture education. She earned her MLA from the University of Florida and PhD in Environmental Design & Planning from Virginia Tech.

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Vaughn B. Rinner, ASLA
Vaughn Rinner Landscape Architect, PLC
Norfolk, Virginia

Vaughn B. Rinner received her nomination, for Service, from the Virginia Chapter. Her record of service to the profession and public includes participation in the ASLA, Virginia Urban Forest Council, Virginia Tech Landscape Architecture Program, Virginia State Licensure Board, CLARB, Commercial Real Estate Women, and the Urban Land Institute. She has served as the ASLA Vice President for Finance and Investments, chaired the subcommittee for the creation of the ASLA standard contracts, and worked to improve the standard MasterSpec sections for landscape architectural services. Her work in Richmond on a historic Boulevard corridor plan provided high visibility among the professional community, public officials, business leaders, and residents regarding the profession’s leadership role in community planning and design. She received her BSLA from Iowa State University.

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Deane D. Rundell, ASLA
Rundell Ernstberger Associates, LLC
Muncie, Indiana

Deane D. Rundell received his nomination, for Works, from the Indiana Chapter. His parks, downtown plazas, campuses, and trails bring people together in meaningful ways. They form crucial community gathering places, invariably providing flexible open spaces with careful custom detailing and meaningful art to raise people's spirits. The small and midsize towns of the Midwest are his chosen medium. He has spent a career learning how they work, their special needs, and how to collaborate with them. He draws from their histories and characters to recreate true places of value. Deane’s successful practice has significantly transformed the profession of landscape architecture in Indiana. His work sets a benchmark for the profession. He received his BSLA from Iowa State and MLA from the University of Massachusetts.

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Robert L. Ryan, ASLA
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, Massachusetts

Robert L. Ryan received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Boston Chapter. At the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, he has increased the profession’s knowledge base with regard to human factors, green infrastructure planning, and research methods. He represents the profession in policy arenas from visual resource management to sustainable sites and has enlightened us on how people develop emotional and psychological connections to landscape. He has taught a generation of landscape architects to engage in research as a practice strategy and thereby has inspired an ongoing quest to measure the effects of the profession on the world at large. His BSLA is from CalPoly San Luis Obispo and MLA, Master's of Urban Planning, and PhD in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Michigan.

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Tim Schmalenberger, ASLA
Columbus, Ohio

Tim Schmalenberger received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Ohio Chapter. He is the senior managing principal of MKSK, one of the Midwest’s largest landscape architecture and planning firms, which he cofounded in 1990. His leadership and passion to provide significant public-realm projects have resulted in more than 950 completed works, 112 awards, and a landscape-architect-led multidisciplinary firm with three offices and 55-plus professional staff. From the firm’s inception, he has directed and managed the hiring and development of more than a hundred landscape architects in a region of the country where the profession had been underrepresented. The region is a much different environment today in large part due to his business and professional leadership. His BSLA is from the Ohio State University.

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Jim Schuessler, ASLA
Kansas City, Missouri

Jim Schuessler received his nomination, for Works, from the Prairie Gateway Chapter. As director of the BNIM Landscape Architecture & Planning Studio, his work has transformed sites and communities throughout the Midwest and beyond. His work consistently develops progressive ways of solving design challenges. His three-part approach for creating model communities encompasses sustainable planning, leveraging natural assets, and community transformation through engagement. His nationally recognized site designs showcase ecological regeneration rooted in a multi-faceted understanding of the interdependence of natural systems at all scales. By emulating nature’s principles and building upon biology and ecology, his designs are sustainable and self-reliant, creating a symbiotic relationship between the natural context and built environment. He earned his BLA from Kansas State and MArch from the University of Kansas.

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Pamela F. Shadley, ASLA
Shadley Associates, P.C.
Lexington, Massachusetts

Pamela F. Shadley received her nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Boston Chapter. Her inspiring business management, project leadership, and volunteer service over decades represent a profound contribution to landscape architecture felt at the national, regional, and local levels. One of her core beliefs is that landscape architects cannot make their vital contributions to society without sound business practices that allow firms to thrive. She herself has long demonstrated an exceptional ability to create sound business environments, which in turn support continued learning and growth. Further, as she inspired and mentored other women, her unrelenting optimism and vigor demonstrated to others the energizing spirit and possibilities of landscape architecture. She earned her BArch from the University of Virginia and MLA from the Harvard GSD.

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Scott Slaney, ASLA
SWA Group
Sausalito, California

Scott Slaney received his nomination, for Works, from the Texas Chapter. Throughout his 35 years of private practice, volunteerism, writing, speaking, and teaching, he has dedicated himself to demonstrating the real value of the profession through landscape architectural, urban design, and planning solutions that balance environmental, social, and economic needs and create beautiful built environments. He believes that landscape architects are uniquely equipped to address key issues related to urbanism and the stewardship of the natural environment and has placed himself on a professional path that encourages others to see landscape architects as leaders and agents of positive change. His work has been recognized with more than 35 professional awards at the local, state, national, and international levels. He received his BSLA from Texas A&M.

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W. Gary Smith, ASLA
W. Gary Smith Design, Inc.
New York, New York

W. Gary Smith received his nomination, for Works, from the Council of Fellows Executive Committee. His leadership in American landscape architecture derives from his combinations of planting design, fine arts, and a unique creative approach. His work celebrates plants and the connections they offer among people, nature, and the arts. In more than 30 years of professional practice, he has worked almost exclusively in botanic gardens and arboretums. A public-garden pragmatist, Gary is also known for the rich possibilities that unfold when an artist studies the land to create a garden. His is an open-ended and spontaneous process that often leads to unexpected and delightful results. He earned his BS in Plant & Soil Sciences from the University of Delaware and MLA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Ronald R. Stoltz, ASLA
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Ronald R. Stoltz received his nomination, for Knowledge, from the Arizona Chapter. He is a devoted and passionate teacher, mentor, scholar, leader, and advocate for the profession of landscape architecture and has enjoyed a long and distinguished academic career at two leading research institutions: The University of Arizona and the University of Guelph. He is one of the most accomplished and recognized individuals in landscape architecture education and has had a profound impact on programs across the U.S. and Canada for the past quarter century. He is the leading scholar of landscape architecture pedagogy and is constantly teaching and mentoring to students, developers, government officials, and his colleagues in academia. Both his BS in Environmental Design and MLA are from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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Barbara A. Swift, ASLA
Swift Company, LLC
Seattle, Washington

Barbara A. Swift received her nomination, for Works, from the Washington Chapter. Her landscape and urban design practice produces designs that engage the context, circumstances, and complex patterns of place—human and natural. Her work ranges from wild-land ecological system restoration to carefully crafted urban projects embedded with subtle reference to history and culture. Her body of work reflects an elegantly minimal aesthetic that responds to the demands of daily life. In 1973, she developed an independent study program in Kyoto, Japan, that focused on traditional landscape architecture and rigorous study of calligraphy and sumi. She established Swift Company in 1982 as a platform for formulating the questions that result in meaningful, progressive, and ecologically pioneering work. Her BLA is from the University of Washington.

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Ronald L. Taylor, ASLA
Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ronald L. Taylor received his nomination, for Service, from the Indiana Chapter. Throughout his 20-year landscape architecture career, he has committed his time, talents, and energy to the betterment of the profession in Indiana and nationally. The numerous areas he has influenced include state licensure in Indiana, the rejuvenation of the Indiana ASLA Chapter, the national ASLA constitution and bylaws, Ball State University’s downtown Indianapolis design center, and ASLA’s Chapter Initiatives Program. Through advocacy to the public and fellow professionals he fosters greater appreciation of landscape architecture and illustrates that one can work full time and still exert a profound impact on the profession and the landscapes we inhabit. He earned his BLA from Ball State University.

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David Paul Thompson, ASLA
SWA Group
Shanghai, China

David Paul Thompson received his nomination, for Works, from the Texas Chapter. He is a master composer with an awards portfolio that spans four decades. With exceptional versatility he understands a site's context and can coordinate living systems, vehicular networks, architecture, and human activity in ways that are artful and distinct and that improve over time. His projects infuse the intangible notions of “place” into spaces that are cohesive, exuberant, and environmentally regenerative. His professional strength stems from his gifts as a conceptual thinker and his life-long affection for the natural world. He is skilled in the aesthetics of design and all the aspects that make great landscape architecture, such as master planning, grading, detailing, and planting. He earned his BLA from Louisiana State University.

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Annette P. Wilkus, ASLA
SiteWorks Landscape Architecture
New York, New York

Annette P. Wilkus received her nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the New York Chapter. She has managed the construction of many of the world’s most recognized, beloved, and often technically challenging landscape initiatives. Over the last 30 years, she has worked side by side with the world’s leading landscape architects, architects, and engineers as the landscape construction specialist who has brought their designs to life. In so doing, she has heightened the public’s awareness of landscape architecture—both the works and the profession itself. She is widely recognized as an expert in site-related issues that include design, documentation, implementation, construction and life-cycle cost analysis, and construction sequencing. She earned her BSLA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and MLA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Ernest C. Wong, ASLA
Site Design Group, Ltd.
Chicago, Illinois

Ernest C. Wong received his nomination, for Leadership and Management, from the Illinois Chapter. He has shown exceptional leadership in landscape architecture, excelling in award-winning projects and extensive local and national service and outreach work. His sense of community service is rooted in the diverse neighborhoods within the politically and culturally complex, architecturally multifaceted City of Chicago, his hometown. From iconic city parks to beautiful residential projects, he has successfully contributed to Chicago’s transformation as the greenest city in America. A strong civic advocate and a trusted partner to government and business, his influence has recently expanded into the national arena as he has become active in organizations such as Enterprise Community Partners and the Student Conservation Association. He earned his BLA from Michigan State.

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