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2012 Annual Meeting Handouts

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Field Sessions

FS01 McDowell Sonoran Preserve: Sustainable Arid Region Design
FS03 Therapeutic Gardens For Healing and Respite
FS04 The Legacy Hotels of Arizona: Evolution of the Resort Landscape
FS05 Dreamy Draw Desert Hike and Residential Gardens of Steve Martino
FS06 Sonoran Sampler: Cactus, Canals, and Petroglyphs
FS07 Transformative Iconic Spaces
FS08 Professional Sports Facilities: The Immersive Experience
FS09 Get Focused! A Photography Workshop at the Desert Botanical Garden
FS10 Saddle up at South Mountain Park and Preserve
FS11 Desert Lifestyle: The Private Gardens of Paradise Valley
FS14 Re-Envisioning Green: Progressive Downtown Phoenix Walking Tour
FS16 The New American University: Transformation of a Campus
FS17 Residential Jewels in the Desert

Friday Education Sessions

FRI-A1 Spreading the Word: Working in Brazil, India and Asia
FRI-A2 Mitigating Urban Heat Island by Predicting Impacts of Urban Parks /Open Space
FRI-A3 Accessible Site Design and Construction: From Plans to Practice
FRI-A4 How Louisville Leveraged Federal Health Dollars for Landscape Architecture
FRI-A5 Visual Impact Assessment: Wind Energy and the Maine Wind Energy Act
FRI-A6 Writing as Design: How Landscape Architects Can Sharpen Their In-Office Writing
FRI-A7 Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands for Water Quality Improvement
FRI-A8 Bridging the Landscape Of Autism
FRI-A9 Sustainable Site Pavement Systems
FRI-B1 Landscape as Sponge: Re-engineering a Historic Campus to Absorb the Rain
FRI-B2 Small Firm, Big Risks: Managing Relationships, Resources and Risks in the New Economy
FRI-B3 The Alienated Border Region City: Chihuahua Rethinks the USA and Mexico
FRI-B4 Connecting the Tree to the Soil: Methods in Preservation During Construction
FRI-B5 Sustainability Metrics: Measuring Landscape and Energy Performance at Various Scales
FRI-B6 Beyond PowerPoint and Fly-Throughs: Communicating Landscape Architecture with Video
FRI-B7 Opportunities to Design and Build Sustainable Eco-learning Labs on School Campuses
FRI-B8 Golf Anyone? The Future Role of Golf in Community Planning
FRI-C1 What's Happened to My Design? Landscape Maintenance: The Elephant in the Room
FRI-C2 Beyond Food Production: Agriculture and Landscape Architecture in the 21st Century
FRI-C3 Mission (im)Possible: Building Complex Landscapes in the Middle East
FRI-C4 The Art and Science of Designing Native Meadows, Grasslands and Woodlands
FRI-C5 Shaping the Public Realm Through Public Service
FRI-C6 The Past, Present and Future of an Emerging Landmark: The Chicago Riverwalk
FRI-C7 Successful Green Roof Design in Arid Regions
FRI-C8 Serving Native American Populations
FRI-D1 Inside the LA Studio with Oslund and Associates
FRI-D3 Olympic Legacy: Case Studies and Trends of Parks Since 1996
FRI-D4 The Evolution of the Award-Winning Design Office
FRI-D6 The Re/evolution of Public Space: Assessing “Urban Interventions'
FRI-D7 Phytotechnologies: Using Plants to Clean Up Contaminated Sites
FRI-D8 Irrigation Design: Calculating for Rainwater Harvesting
FRI-D9 Specifying Furniture for Fun and Profit
FRI-D10 Doing Well by Doing Good: Why Landscape Architects Need the ACE Mentor Program

Saturday Education Sessions

SAT-A1 Inside the LA Studio with Van Atta Associates, Inc.
SAT-A2 Are Natives Overrated?
SAT-A3 In-between Spaces: Reclaiming Public Space in the Metropolis
SAT-A4 Winning a Sustainable Future: The Client Perspective
SAT-A5 Applied Human Ecology
SAT-A6 Natives and the Post-Industrial Site
SAT-A7 The OMS (One Man Show) Roundtable: Behind the TRUE small firm
SAT-A8 Water Works: The Keys to Designing State-of-the-Art, Award-Winning Water Features
SAT-A9 Retrofitting Villages, Towns and Cities for Increased Pedestrian and Bicyclist Mobility
SAT-A10 Environmental Illustration, Simulation, and Parametrics in Landscape Architecture
SAT-B1 Inside the LA Studio with Thomas Balsley Associates
SAT-B2 Design Competitions: Why We Bother (to do them)
SAT-B3 Lost in Translation: Cultural Case Studies for an International Design Practice
SAT-B4 Measuring Regenerative Design: A Profile from the SITES™ Pilot Program
SAT-B5 Illuminated Landscapes: Using Light Projections to Transform the Built Environment
SAT-B6 Soil Busters: Bringing Soils Back to Reality
SAT-B7 Green Wall Planting Design: Using Plants to Create a Living Work of Art
SAT-B8 Up a Creek: Holistic Water Management from Plan to Construction
SAT-B9 Reusing Infrastructure: Mobility, Open Space, and Development Opportunities
SAT-B10 Site Design and Detailing with Reclaimed Materials: Solutions to Sourcing

Sunday Education Sessions

SUN-A1 Meeting the Northwest Livability Challenge
SUN-A2 Small Business Roundtable: Beating the Odds and Surviving to Tell the Tale
SUN-A3 Who is Driving the Design Agenda? A Case Study of Multi-Benefit Parks in California
SUN-A5 Designing Complex Waterfront: Issues and Strategies from Cairo, Seattle, and Taipei
SUN-A6 Update: Redfields to Greenfields-Rebuilding Communities from Dead Malls and Insolvent Banks
SUN-A7 Have We Taken the 'Play' Out of Playgrounds?
SUN-A8 Bio-retention Rainwater Treatment – Technical Design Issues
SUN-A9 Opportunities to Innovate: Collaborations in Public Art and Landscape Architecture
SUN-A10 Social Media and Crowdsourcing in Planning and Design
SUN-A11 Inside the LA Studio with Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg
SUN-B1 Inside the LA Studio with Jinny Blom Landscape Design
SUN-B2 Optimizing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in the Built Environment
SUN-B3 How to Create Beautiful and Award Winning Gardens
SUN-B4 The Evolution of Green Infrastructure: NYC’s Green Infrastructure Plan and Program
SUN-B5 CEO Roundtable: Challenges and Opportunities for Large Firms in the Global Market
SUN-B6 Reading and Telling Landscape: Photography as a Tool of Discovery and Design
SUN-B7 Legacy Cities and Innovative Landscapes
SUN-B8 Groceries, Greenways and Greenbacks: Leverage the Spirit and Industry of Cultural Icons
SUN-B9 Working Outside the Box: New Trends in Employment and Business Models
SUN-B10 Green Roof Planting Design: Learning from the Experts

Monday Education Sessions

MON-A1 Healthy Soils: Physical, Organic and Chemical Properties (Part I)
MON-A2 A Return to the City: Urban Parks as Catalysts for Growth in Second-Tier Cities
MON-A3 38° of Separation: The Interplay of Culture and Ecology in Asia Pacific Landscape
MON-A4 Cool Designs for Hot Cities: Site Strategies to Mitigate the Urban Heat Island
MON-A5 Renewable Energy in an Urban Landscape
MON-A7 Making a Sequel: Ownership Transition in the New World
MON-A8 The Campus Landscape Architect: Steward, Client and Diplomat
MON-A9 Assessing the Performance of Landscape Projects
MON-B1 Metro Region Urban Agriculture: S, M, L & XL
MON-B2 Healthy Soils: Preservation, Reuse and Modification (Part II)
MON-B3 Greenways: Economic Engine for the 21st Century: Catalytic, Vibrant and Viable
MON-B4 Finding Green Infrastructure Solutions at the Right Scale
MON-B5 Guilt-Free Pleasure: Resort Development as a Socioeconomic Driver
MON-B6 Smart Water
MON-B7 Stormwater Management Integrated Into Creative Landscape Design
MON-B8 Health By Design: Best Practices in Hospital and Senior Living Gardens
MON-B9 LED Lighting: Landscape Architect, Lighting Designer and End-User Perspectives
MON-B10 Urban Bike Share Programs
MON-C1 A Modern Garden for the Sonoran Desert: Sunnylands Center & Gardens
MON-C2 Reconstructing the Arboreal Ark: Evolving Design Directions for Public Gardens
MON-C3 But Does It Actually Work? Performance-Based Construction Administration
MON-C4 Streets as Public Space: Street Modifications that Stimulate Social Gathering
MON-C5 Energy-Producing Landscapes: Harvesting Power from the Urban Environment
MON-C6 Project Risk Management: New Obstacles to Consider
MON-C7 Bold Concepts in Stormwater Infiltration and Principles That Drive Success
MON-C8 The Cutting Edge of Creating Green Roads
MON-C9 3D Modeling in 2012: A Year in Review and a Look Into the Future
MON-C10 Getting to the 99%: Tools for Innovating the Usual Public Meeting
MON-D1 Journey of an All America Road: SR 179 Through Sedona's Red Rock Country
MON-D2 Greening America’s Capitals:Landscape Architects Take Charge!
MON-D3 Merging Art and Landscape
MON-D4 The Evolution of a Native Plant Palette and Aesthetic: From Discovery to Design
MON-D5 Sustainable Development: The Making of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
MON-D6 Urban and Sustainable Agriculture's Role in Community Growth and Transformation
MON-D7 Papago Park Regional Master Plan: Planning the Future for a Great American Park
MON-D8 Responding to Rocks, Ridges and Rills: Origins, and Influence of CCC-Era Landscapes
MON-D9 Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting: Sustainable Solutions for Landscape Architects
MON-D10 An Inside Look at the New LARE: From Content Development to Scoring


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