Public Awareness Recruitment Materials

This section is the inside baseball aspect of the campaign. It’s our little secret but importantly serves to recruit landscape architects to join in our crusade to inform the public! Hang these posters at work or everywhere potential recruits can be found and follow up with a few campaign endorsements at the water cooler. Promise campaign buttons for participation or bake some cookies to entice any allies to take it to the streets for the profession.

Recruitment Posters for Download


Tell Your Understory - Poster Show Your Understory - Poster
TTeam Understory - Poster Landscape Architecture Needs You - Poster
The files below contain PDFs of all four options.

8.5x11 Posters

11x17 Posters

National Landscape Architecture Month

NLAM - Recruitment

8.5x11 Poster (PDF)

11x17 Poster (PDF)


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