Public Awareness Campaign Materials

Below find our ever growing collection of materials used to engage the public. If nothing else, give them your best one two punch. Hit them with the What is Landscape Architecture Handout then follow up with the website that will further explain just what the heck you spend your time doing!

Looking for something more specific? Landscape architecture is one of the most interdisciplinary professions out there so we’ll create additional handouts detailing landscape architecture’s breadth from transportation to green infrastructure. Watch for them under quarterly events.

Campaign Collateral

Campaign Logo (EPS)
Campaign Logo (JPG)
Campaign Logo - Square Graphic (EPS)
Campaign Logo - Square Graphic (JPG)

Landscape Signage (InDesign File)
Landscape Signage (PDF)

Ask Me Button (InDesign File)
Ask Me Button (PDF)

Business Cards (InDesign File)
Business Cards (PDF)

What is Landscape Architecture Handout (InDesign File)
What is Landscape Architecture Handout (PDF)
What is Landscape Architecture Handout - NO TEXT (Word)
What is Landscape Architecture Handout - TEXT ONLY (Word)

Landscape Architecture and Active Living Ad (PDF)

Public Health Brochure - FOR PRINT (PDF)
Public Health Brochure - ONLINE VIEW (PDF)

Rededication Ceremonies - How To Guide (PDF)

What is YPS2013 Handout (PDF)
YPS Step by Step Instructions (PDF)

NLAM 2014 Ad (PDF)

NLAM 2014 Ad - Full Bleed (PDF)

NLAM 2014 Facebook - Header
NLAM 2014 Facebook - Profile
NLAM 2014 Facebook - Post

Print Your Own Shirts

Download 2012 T-shirt Files
T-shirt Front
T-shirt Back

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Quarterly Theme Handouts

Green Infrastructure (PDF)

Transportation (PDF)
Transportation (InDesign File) 

Historic Preservation Flyer (PDF)
Healthy Communities Flyer (PDF)
Open Space Conservation Flyer (PDF) 

Celebrating Our Public Landscapes - Certificates

Certificate of Appreciation - Grey
Certificate of Appreciation - Magenta
Certificate of Appreciation - Blue


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