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2011 Annual Meeting Handouts

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FS01 Orange County Great Park
FS02 Shoreline Ecology Kayak Experience
FS03 Torrey Pines: Capturing Natural & Historical Character in Design
FS04 Edible Landscape and Urban Sustainability
FS05 The Western Edge: Current Trends in Modern Residential Design
FS06 Icons of Art and Architecture in the Landscape
FS07 North County San Diego Residences: Mountain Top to Valley Floor
FS08 Strategies for Landscape Water Efficiency in Residential and Commercial Applications
FS09 San Diego Region SITES™ Pilot Projects
FS10 Green Infrastructure Workshop: Exploring Green Street Opportunities
FS11 Habitat Like That: Landscape Architecture for the San Diego Zoo
FS12 Cycling in Coronado: Past, Present and Future
FS14 Environmental Stewardship on the Border: The Tijuana River Watershed
FS15 Balboa Park: A Walking Tour of Planning and Design Issues 
FS16 The Jewel: Estate Coastal Gardens of La Jolla

SUN-A1 Developing Healthy Communities
SUN-A2 Photographing Landscape Architecture
SUN-A3 Water-centric Sustainable Communities
SUN-A4 Documenting Our Heritage: Three Lenses for Understanding Historic Designed Landscapes
SUN-A5 LEED for Neighborhood Development and the Landscape Architect's Role
SUN-A6 Freehand Renaissance: Drawing and Creativity in a Digital Age
SUN-A7 Harvesting On-Site Water Sources for Sustainable Irrigation
SUN-A8 Outdoor Kitchens: Creating a Sophisticated Space That Works
SUN-B1 Restoring the Human Dimension in Cities
SUN-B2 Financial Management-The Path to Profitability
SUN-B3 Rethinking Substantial Completion: Alternative Approaches to Post-Planting Care
SUN-B4 The Next Generation of Net-Zero Park Design
SUN-B5 2011-An ADA Accessibility Odyssey
SUN-B6 U.S. Capitol Square: Olmsted's Legacy into the 21st Century
SUN-B7 Landscape, Public Policy, and the Mayors' Institute on City Design
SUN-B8 Creating Aquatic Environments That Conserve, Clean, and Reuse Water
SUN-C1 Designing Community Recreation Spaces for Health and Wellbeing: Applying the Research Evidence
SUN-C2 Water in the Designed Landscape: Benefits, Precautions, and Recommendations
SUN-C3 Electric Car Charging Stations Are Here and Now
SUN-C4 From Shoreline to Ridgeline: Closing the Water Loop with High-Performance Design
SUN-C5 Wild for the City: Creating and Sustaining Urban Nature Parks
SUN-C6 Firm Transition Planning: Developing and Implementing a Success Strategy
SUN-C7 Media Roundtable: Design Industry Magazines
SUN-C8 Using CAD to Create and Document Sustainable Sites
SUN-C9 Social Acceptance of Wind Energy-Addressing Visual Impact in Skeptical Communities
SUN-C10 Lighting Products Panel
SUN-D1 Is Your Firm an Elephant or a Cheetah?
SUN-D2 The Urban Forest Is Broken: Science Based Tools to Repair It
SUN-D3 Urban Design and the Bottom Line: Measuring Sustainable Value
SUN-D4 Critical Ecologies: Currents + Pathways
SUN-D5 Restorative Spaces/Healing Places: How to Make a Landscape a Healing Garden
SUN-D6 Making Brownfields Green
SUN-D7 Funding Green Infrastructure: Investing in Sustainable Solutions
SUN-D8 Restoring Landscape Connectivity and Migration Corridors - Saving America's Keystone Species
SUN-D9 Stormwater Management - New Materials: Permeable Pavements, Lessons Learned
SUN-D10 Collaboration and the Creation of a Green Community

MON-A1 Inside the LA Studio with D.I.R.T. Studio
MON-A2 Restoration Ecology in Agrarian Landscapes
MON-A3 The Art of Planting Design
MON-A4 Redfields to Greenfields: Parks Solve the Urban Real Estate Crisis
MON-A5 Urban Acupuncture: Approaches to Creating Open Space in Urbanized Los Angeles
MON-A6 Floating Wetlands:Harnessing Natural Processes
MON-A7 Rethinking Highway Infrastructure
MON-A8 Today's "New" Job Market: Current Trends and Perceptions in the Hiring Process
MON-A9 Achieving Sustainable Sites Strategies in LEED and SITES™ Rating Systems
MON-A10 Making the Greenest City in America in an Era of Fiscal Constraints
MON-B1 Achieving Regional Expressions Through Planting Design
MON-B2 Inside the LA Studio with Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture
MON-B3 Climate Change: What Landscape Architects Should Know
MON-B4 Dude Where's My Car: Landscape Design for Urban Transport
MON-B5 Grassroots Green Roofs
MON-B6 The San Diego-Tijuana Border: A Cause and Effect Relationship
MON-B7 Nontraditional Careers for Landscape Architects
MON-B8 Practicing SITES™: A Roundtable on Lessons Learned from the First Pilot Projects
MON-B9 Designing Wetland Ecosystems: from Basic Ecology to Inspiring Designs
MON-B10 From Catchment to Reuse: Designing and Implementing Rainwater Harvesting Systems

TUE-A1 Transect Planning: Reconciling Environmentalism and Urbanism

TUE -A2 CEO Roundtable: New Realities for Small Firms
TUE -A3 Black Locust Lumber: A Sustainable Alternative to Tropical Hardwoods
TUE -A4 Inside The LA Studio with Coen + Partners
TUE -A5 A Half Century of San Diego Landscape Architecture with Joe Yamada
TUE -A6 Blue Infrastructure: The Living Systems of Water Reuse
TUE -A7 Food Cities: Designing Edible Landscapes for Urban Environments
TUE -A8 Landscape Architecture Rising in Africa
TUE -A9 Hiring the Perfect Consultant: The Client Perspective
TUE -A10 Multi-Modal Done Right: Sustainable Transportation Planning in Minneapolis and New York
TUE -B1 Inside The LA Studio With Martha Schwartz
TUE -B2 CEO Roundtable: New Models For Future Practice
TUE -B3 Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder
TUE -B4 Residential Transformation: Revisiting the Modernist House with New Intentions
TUE -B5 Piggyback Yard: Redefining the Urban Fabric of Downtown Los Angeles
TUE -B6 Temporary Urbanism: Experiments and Improvisations
TUE -B7 Transforming the Urban Forest with Citywide Tree Planting Initiatives
TUE -B8 Creative Solutions for Integrating Green Infrastructure and Public Space
TUE -B9 The Truth About Green Walls: Green Wall Specialists Speak Out!
TUE -B10 Greensburg Main Street: A Catalyst for Rebuilding
TUE -B11 Geodesign in Landscape Architecture

Wednesday Education Sessions
WED-A1 Perspectives on Soil Design: Opportunities and Challenges (Part I)
WED -A2 Women in Landscape Architecture: Navigating the Professional Challenges and Opportunities
WED -A3 Street Life
WED -A4 Evidence: Toward Performance-Based Design
WED -A5 Creating Municipal Green Roof Policy
WED -A6 Green Retrofit of Urban Public Spaces in New York City
WED -A7 BIM Workflow: Addressing Opportunities and Challenges
WED -A8 Community Entanglement: Beyond the Charrette
WED -A9 Taking Water Systems Beyond Requirements into True Functionality
WED -B1 Perspectives on Soil Design: The Implementation Debate (Part II)
WED -B2 Cultivating Spaces: Urban Agriculture’s Role in City Planning and Landscape Architecture
WED -B3 Reaching Out: Appropriating the Public Realm Through Art and Design Activism
WED -B4 Inside The LA Studio with Walt Disney Imagineering
WED -B5 Sea Level Rise and Climate Change Adaptation: Soft Infrastructure for Coastal Cities
WED -B6 A New Beginning for Lutcher Stark's Shangri La: Process, Possibilities, and Product
WED -B7 Master Planning for Net-Zero Energy and Other Intertwined Sustainable Systems
WED -B8 Water at the Forefront
WED -B9 Constructed Wetlands: From Theory into Practice
WED -B10 Understanding and Using The ASLA Standard Contract Forms
WED -C1 ARC International Wildlife Crossing Design Competition (Part I)
WED -C2 Landscape and Public Art: Making A Seamless Realm
WED -C3 Lessons From Abroad: The Profession Beyond North America
WED -C4 Designing Cities for Sea Level Rise
WED -C5 Construction Management as a Business Model
WED -C6 Green City, Clean Waters: The Philadelphia Story
WED -C7 Achieving Net-Zero Water Use in the Residential Landscape
WED -C8 A Secret Success: Renovating Dan Kiley’s NCNB Plaza
WED -C9 Leveraging SketchUp and Other 3d Models for Construction Documents
WED -C10 Social Media Strategies for Landscape Architects
WED -D1 ARC International Wildlife Crossing Design Competition (Part II)
WED -D2 Building the Garden at the 9/11 Memorial
WED -D3 Open Space People Space
WED -D4 Measuring Your Legacy as a Steward of the Land
WED -D5 The Back Story of Building Well
WED -D6 Creating Ambient Landscape
WED -D7 Urban Fabric: Investigating Post-Industrial American Textile Cities
WED -D8 Creating a Legacy: Stanford University, Past, Present, Future
WED -D9 Urban Trails: Core Attribute of a Sustainable Community
WED -D10 Information Sharing in the 21st Century Design Studio 


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