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Green Guide for Health Care (Hospitals for a Healthy Environment, Merck Family Fund, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority)
"The Green Guide is a voluntary, self-certifying metric toolkit of health-based best practices, customized for the healthcare sector."

Indoor AirPLUS (Environmental Protection Agency)
The E.P.A. offers a comprehensive set of resources on moisture and mold control, healthy HVAC systems, and cleaner building materials.

Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools (Environmental Protection Agency)
The E.P.A. compiled resources aimed specifically at learning environments to help ensure educational administrators are monitoring and correcting indoor air quality issues.

Assessment Tools

Environmental Assessment of Public Recreation Spaces Tool (Active Living Research, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
This extensive evaluation tool help park administrators and educators survey the physical environments of parks and playgrounds for comfort, proximity, cleanliness, and a range of other factors.

Occupant Indoor Environmental Air Quality Survey (Center for the Built Environment)
"Occupant surveys are an invaluable source of information for improving the performance of buildings." This easy, 10-minute survey enables building managers to "objectively gauge which building services and design features are working and which aren't, and to prioritize the steps needed to improve occupant satisfaction and workplace productivity."

School Health Index (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
The planning tool enables planners, administrators, and community members to assess policies and programs that address physical activity, healthy eating, violence prevention, and more in the school setting.


Promote Health and Wellbeing (Whole Building Design Guide)
The Whole Building Design Guide offers a comprehensive set of recommendations for designing buildings for health and wellbeing.

Modeling Software

Healthy SEAT (Environmental Protection Agency)
A fully customizable and easy-to-use software program designed to help school districts evaluate and manage all environmental, safety, and health issues.

Case Studies

California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco, California)
An award-winning landscape, the California Academy of Sciences is also a well-regarded green building with lots of natural light. The museum offering a range of educational programs for students and adults. Families and groups of kids can sleep over in the museum.

Genzyme Center (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
The Genzyme Center, designed by the German architectural firm Behnisch, Behnisch and Partners, is not only one of the world's greenest office buildings, but is also seen as a model healthy workplace.

Sidwell Friends School (Washington, D.C.)
The Sidwell Friends' middle school building features an integrated green building and site design used to educate students about sustainability.

Mission Creek Senior Community Project (Mercy Housing California and the San Francisco Housing Authority)
Employing Smart Growth principles, this exemplary equitable development project transformed a brownfield site into a mixed-use low-income senior community.

Special No. 9 House (KieranTimberlake)
Named one of the Top Ten Green Projects by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), this residence is an affordable LEED Platinum design that exemplifies "health-forward" approaches, including the use of non-toxic materials.

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