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Social Models: Sustainable City and Community Planning

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Community Tool Box (National Park Service, Northeast Region)
This tool box contains techniques for public participation that communities can use to "get organized and work together to improve their parks, rivers, open spaces, and special places."

Community Tool Box: Bringing Solutions to Light (University of Kansas)
The Community Tool Box covers the essential skills for building healthy communities and includes more than 7,000 pages of guidance.

Equitable Development Toolkit (Policy Link)
Policy Link presents more than two dozen different strategies in the following four categories: affordable housing, economic opportunity, land-use and environment, and health and place.

Assessment Tools

Irvine Minnesota Inventory (University of California, Irvine and University of Minnesota)
This is an audit tool for measuring built environment features that can be linked to active living.


Bringing Car Sharing to Your Community (City Car Share)
This document comprehensively explains the logistics of starting a car-sharing program.

Creating a Regulatory Blueprint for Healthy Community Design: A Local Government Guide to Reforming Zoning and Land Development Codes (International City/County Management Association)
This useful step-by-step guide is intended for local governments interested in leveraging the connection between zoning and health so that they can improve their community.

Cycling for a Few or for Everyone: The Importance of Social Justice in Cycling Policy (Onestreet)
This article covers a range of design approaches that can be employed to provide safe bicycle transportation options.

Decent Parks? Decent Behavior: The Link between the Quality of Parks and User Behavior (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, U.K.)
This London-based organization offers a range of models and examples to help ensure parks add social value to a place. Page 5 includes a brief checklist.

Planning Successful Events (Partnership for Parks)
This series of "tip-sheets" lays out how to successfully host a social program in a park.

What Role Can Design Play in Creating Safer Parks? (Project for Public Spaces from Toronto Parks & Recreation’s Planning Designing and Maintaining Safer Parks)
This brief asks a number of questions that can help park designers and administrators think through the relationship between park design and safety. 

Modeling Software 

Open Plans
Open plans is civic-minded open source software. Innovative open source projects include OpenGeo for geospatial analysis and OpenTripPlanner for transportation planning.

Environment and Physical Activity GIS Protocols Manual (Design for Health)
This manual funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Active Living Research program provides protocols for measuring environmental variables associated with walking.

Case Studies

Active Design Guidelines: Promoting Physical Activity and Health in Design (New York City Department of Design and Construction)
These well-regarded guidelines from New York City offer a comprehensive set of strategies for achieving active design objectives.

Barclays Cycle Superhighways (Transport for London)
The City of London plans to roll-out 12 cycle superhighways by 2015. There's information on bicycle infrastructure, safety, and city planning.

Bike 2015 Plan (Chicago Bicycle Program)
Chicago developed a comprehensive plan to increase bicycle usage so that 5 percent of all trips less than five miles are by bike.

Bryant Park (Bryant Park Corporation)
With its successful programming, ranging from movie screenings to yoga in the park, Bryant Park is viewed as a model of how to use park space to create social value.

Charlotte Urban Street Design Guidelines (Charlotte Department of Transportation)
The Charlotte Department of Transportation (DOT) won the 2009 E.P.A. Smart Growth award for its innovative urban street design guidelines.

Climate Action Global Map (
The interactive map is comprised of innovative urban initiatives and best practices that address climate change locally. Many initiatives are designed to increase transportation choices and energy options.

Long Island Index (Regional Plan Assocation and CUNY Center for Urban Research)
"The Long Island Index interactive map combines a rich amount of information coupled with easy-to-use tools so you can visualize relationships across several types of data at local and regional scales."

OKC Million: This City is Going on a Diet (Oklahoma City)
Mayor Mick Cornett of Oklahoma City continues to lead this innovative initiative aimed at reducing the total weight of the city's population by one million pounds.

Open Space Seattle 2100 (University of Washington Department of Landscape Architecture)
This Seattle initiative uses various case studies and the results from local charrettes to form a compelling future vision of a city with lots of open space.

Philadelphia Green’s City Harvest Program (Pennsylvania Horticulture Society)
Partnering with the Philadelphia Prison System, the food distribution network SHARE and the Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Horticulture Society oversees 42 community gardens designed to improve access to fresh produce in inner-city communities.

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