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Social Models: Sustainable Regional Planning

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Community-driven Development (World Bank Institute)
The World Bank has compiled resources and outlined approaches for putting the community at the center of decision-making processes. The focus is on community decision-making that can aid poverty reduction.

Livable Communities Toolkit (Capitol Region Council of Governments)
"Livable Communities Toolkit: A Best Practices Manual for Metropolitan Regions" offers two sets of tools -- one focused around "A Region in Balance," and the second on "Tools for Towns." A "Region in Balance" explains how to take a broader regional approach to balanced, livable community development. 

Assessment Tools 

Air Quality Index (AIRNow)
A map depicting air-quality forecasts across the United States.

Climate and Air Pollution Planning Assistant (CAPPA) (ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability) 
This is an Excel-based decision support tool designed to help local governments "explore, identify, and analyze potential climate and air pollution emissions reduction opportunities."

Environmental Health Webmaps (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry)
This interactive map presents data on the prevalence of wastewater, specific toxic elements, including pesticides, for sites across the U.S.

Health Data Interactive (Centers for Disease Control)
This data site allows users to access and sort statistics from public reports pertaining to health and risk factors, such as physical activity and obesity.

Housing and Transportation Affordability Index (Center for Neighborhood Technology)
This map allows users to quickly assess and compare "the true affordability of housing based on location." The tool aggregates regions’ housing and transportation cost data to present a fuller picture of affordability.

MyEnvironment (Environmental Protection Agency)
Upon entering a county, town, or ZIP code, this E.P.A. search application displays information about air and water quality, health statistics, superfund sites, and facilities emitting toxins.


Comprehensive Plan Review Checklist (Design for Health)
Design for Health’s checklists help policymakers include health considerations in comprehensive master plans that cover land-use, transportation, water resources, park and open space, and economic development.

Regional Sustainable Development Framework Checklist (Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, U.K.)
This checklist beginning on page 33 covers topics such as transportation and access, environmental impact, infrastructure, and construction at the regional scale.

Sustainable Development Appraisal, Aims, and Objectives (Department of Health, U.K.)
This checklist considers the safety, cultural, and environmental effects, among others, of a project, policy, or program on a region.

The Health Impacts of Climate Change (Department of Health, U.K.)
This guide promotes the planning of sustainable, healthy communities, arguing that it is necessary to address climate change.

Modeling Software

Clean Air and Climate Protection Software (ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability)
CACP 2009 is a one-stop emissions management tool that calculates and tracks emissions and reductions of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide) and criteria air pollutants (NOx, SOx, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, PM10, PM 2.5) associated with electricity, fuel use, and waste disposal.

Co-Benefits Risk Assessment Model (COBRA) (Environmental Protection Agency)
According to the E.P.A., policies that reduce "air pollution may also achieve other benefits, including an improvement of air quality and the avoidance of both the negative health effects associated with poor air quality and their respective economic costs." The Co-Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) model presents data in both map and table forms, enabling users to estimate the benefits of various policy options.

HealthMapper (World Health Organization)
The HealthMapper is a mapping application developed by the W.H.O. to provide data on infectious diseases as the country, regional, and global levels. Though the application is free to download, access to country datasets is subject to the terms of the Public Health Information Product and Data License Agreement.

Case Studies

Health Impact Assessment Short Guides (World Health Organization)
A variety of top-notch, how-to guides from public health organizations covering the ins and outs of effective health impact assessment.

Sustainable Development Indicators 2010 (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, U.K.)
The Department of Food and Rural Affairs provides a framework for measuring national progress on sustainable development objectives.

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