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Economic Models: Sustainable Landscapes

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Value Beyond Cost Savings: How to Underwrite Sustainable Properties (Green Building Financing Consortium)
This book, available for free-download, is designed to assist private investors in making better financially based sustainable property investment decisions.

Landscape Management Issues that Increase Long-term Costs (Saving Water Partnership)
This presentation provides common landscape management practices that promote inefficient water usage and increased landscape maintenance costs.

Assessment Tools

Full Costing Calculator: Residential Stormwater Management (Sustainable Cities Initiative)
Developed by the Water Environment Research Foundation in partnership with the E.P.A., these calculators determine the present and future costs associated with green roofs, rainwater catchment systems, bioretention facilities, retention ponds, extended detention basins, swales and permeable pavement. The tools allow for the production of detailed project cost reports and facilitate effective planning.

Green Values(R) Stormwater Calculator (Center for Neighborhood Technology)
The Center for Neighborhood Technology’s Green Values(R) Stormwater Calculator helps designers quantify the impact of green design features such as green roofs, drainage swales, permeable pavement, native landscaping, in reducing stormwater runoff.

In My Back Yard (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
A new online data mapping tool called IMBY (In My Backyard) allows users to estimate the potential for renewable energy production on any given site, whether it’s a backyard, a roof or an empty lot.  It also helps users calculate the initial cost of the system, expected cash incentives, and the approximate number of payback years.

Recycling Landscapes & Hardscapes Calculator (Sustainable Cities Initiative)
This cost calculator estimates the cost savings associated with recycling and reusing hardscape (lumber, brick, concrete, and asphalt) and green waste (yard trimmings, leaves, plants, grass and other organic waste).

Sustainable Return on Investment (HDR)
HDR Architecture has created a proprietary excel spreadsheet that enables developers and site owners to calculate sustainable return on investment (SROI), which factor in non-cash internal, including improved health, safety, and worker productivity, as well as external benefits, such as reduced GHG emisisons.

Case Studies

Garden/garden: A Comparison in Santa Monica, Santa Monica, California (Sustainable Sites Initiative)
In 2003, the City of Santa Monica initiated a project which built two gardens in adjacent residential front yards, one landscaped in the traditional manner and the other with a climate-appropriate, sustainable design. The case study illustrates the economic and environmental advantages of landscaping with native plants.

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