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Green Roof Press Coverage

Raise the Roof by Making it Green
The Washington Post (07/06/08)
Nancy Somerville, EVP/CEO of ASLA, outlines the benefits of green roofs and provides tips for developing your own.

Up High and Down to Earth
The Boston Globe (04/20/08)
Architecture critic Robert Campbell profiles the innovative design of ASLA’s green roof for the Boston Globe.

Rooftop Refuge
Associated Press (1/21/08)
In a feature on green roofs, the Associated Press examines the benefits of ASLA’s demonstration project. Turning a Roof into a Garden 

Turning a Roof Into a Garden In the Sky
The Washington Post (11/03/07)
The article provides a history of green roofs, featuring ASLA and Christian Werthmann’s book “Green Roof: A Case Study.”

Sky Radio Interview [audio]
ASLA Executive VP/CEO Nancy Somerville discusses National Landscape Architecture Month and the ASLA Green Roof with Sky Radio.

Raising the Bar on Green Roof Design
Landscape Architecture Magazine (11/06)
Click here to download Theodore Eisenman’s November 2006 article “Raising the Bar on Green Roof Design” on the ASLA Green Roof. (pdf)

How Green is Your City?
Metropolis Magazine (09/11/06)
The September cover story for Metropolis magazine looks at the adoption of green roofs in America. The article includes a description, photos, and renderings of the ASLA green roof, a slide show of green roof projects—including the ASLA green roof, and a chart on green roof adoption across the country.

Green Buildings
The Washington Post (08/06/06)
The popular Washington Post Sunday Source highlights green building innovations around the Washington, DC-metro area. The ASLA green roof leads the list with a photo and a quote from ASLA Executive Vice President Nancy Somerville.

Some Say It’s Easy Building Green
CNN Live Sunday, CNN International (08/20/06)
CNN featured footage of the ASLA green roof and interviewed Dennis Carmichael, FASLA, for a weekend segment on green building and sustainable design that ran on its regular full feature channel.  The segment has also run on WUSA-TV (CBS affiliate, Washington, DC), WTTG-TV (FOX affiliate, Washington, DC), and on stations in New York and Florida.

Plants, Grass on the Rooftop? No Longer an Oddity
Christian Science Monitor (7/10/06)
With grants and incentives, Chicago leads the nation in installing green roofs. ASLA green roof is cited as a high-profile example of green roofs in other cities.

ASLA Retrofits Headquarters with Green Roof
Architectural Record (7/06/06)
An overview of the ASLA green roof project , with particular attention paid to the plant selection.

Turf Battle
The Washington Post (05/06/06)
Washington Post design writer Linda Hales notes the benefits of green roofs to the urban landscape, saying that the visitor-friendly, educational aspects of the ASLA green roof could have a huge impact on spreading the word about green roof technology.

Landscape Architects Tend to a Green Roof
Associated Press (04/27/06)
The AP looks at global trends in green roof technology noting that, "The planted rooftop of the American Society of Landscape Architects building in downtown Washington is a model of the techniques used increasingly to cool temperatures, filter air, and lessen the burden on sewers by absorbing rainwater. "

Green Roofs Swing Temperatures in Urban Jungles
USA Today (4/24/06)
USA Today columnist April Holladay looks at the environmental benefits of green roofs, using the ASLA green roof as a prime example. The article includes quotes from several members of Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates, Inc.


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