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Name of event: Operation Breakthrough Outdoor Classroom Project

Brief description: PGASLA member completed the conceptual design as part of the larger group of volunteers.

PGASLA involvement is still developing – we have chosen to focus to be on 5 key areas and will be involved in detailed design and construction.  We are still coordinating groups (large and small) to be responsible for specific areas.

Was this a public event? Yes, multiple disciplines, companies and age groups have been involved and will continue until the project is completed


Name of event: YouthFriends Classroom Speaker Project – See attached document for general information


Brief description: YouthFriends is an organization that offers several different mentoring opportunities to volunteers who are interested in getting involved with disadvantaged youth.  Through our project our members will sign up individually to be placed in a database used by the various school districts in our area to be made available to teachers of all grade levels.   Participants pick a topic that they feel most comfortable with professionally and choose the time that works best for them.  Speaking opportunities can take place throughout the school year and at the end of each school year PGASLA will receive an account of the total # of hours our members have donated to the project

Was this a public event? No – Schools only


Brief description: Jim Schuessler and Celine Anderson (BNIM Architects) hosted the North KC high school ACE group last week.  We showed them the 12th street presentation and took them on a field trip down 12th street to City hall.  We explained the soil trenches, rain gardens, level spreader, and the importance of collecting and infiltrating all the water that lands on the project site, and answered questions…..

Was this a public event? No, Jim and Celine have worked with this group all year but showed them a specific project aside from their ACE project focus as a specific Landscape Architecture project



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