Bill Tracking

The practice of landscape architecture is widely impacted by the activities of federal, state and local legislatures. ASLA, as a service to its members, tracks legislative activity and provides regular status updates on a wide range of legislative issues.

Below is a list of categories of legislation under which many of the issues that affect landscape architecture will fall. Click here to view all legislation by state.

Click on each category below to find legislation and its status in each state:  
Professional Regulation: Legislation that establishes, changes, or otherwise impacts the regulation of landscape architecture.

Water & Stormwater: Legislation that relates to water resources, stormwater management, water quality and conservation, and wetlands.

Transportation: Legislation that promotes multimodal transportation options, including Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets, smart growth policies.  It also includes any reference to scenic byways.

Sustainable Design & Energy Conservation: Legislation that promotes green infrastructure, green building, green roofs and other landscape architecture techniques to conserve energy and build sustainably.

Livable Communities: Legislation that includes brownfields redevelopment, multimodal transportation options, smart growth and other strategies to make communities more livable and more healthy.  It also includes regulation of outdoor advertising/billboards.

Land Conservation & Historic Preservation: Legislation that promotes preservation of open space and other land conservation efforts.  Also includes historic preservation legislation.

Business Practices: ASLA tracks legislation that directly impacts landscape architecture firms, including forming professional corporations and imposing taxes on professional services.

Contracting for Professional Services: ASLA tracks legislation that changes how states contract for design services, including qualifications based selection.


Roxanne Blackwell, 
Esq., Hon. ASLA,
Director of Federal
Government Affairs

Elizabeth Hebron,
Director of State
Government Affairs