Honors & Awards

2000 ASLA Professional Awards Recipients


Honor Awards (4)
Reid Residence       Houston, TX 
Landscape Architect(s): The Office of James Burnett 

Hoboken South Waterfront      Hoboken, NJ
Landscape Architect(s): Arnold Associates / Wilday Joint Venture

The New Riverfront Hartford and East Hartford, CT 
Landscape Architect(s): Carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc. 

Beth Israel Memorial Garden      Houston, TX 
Landscape Architect(s): GLS Landscape Architecture

Merit Awards (10) 
Advantica Plaza      Spartenburg, SC
Landscape Architect(s): Peter Lindsay Schaudt, FAAR, ASLA while employed by: Clark Tribble Harris & Li Architects (currently LS3P Architects)

8 Bedons Alley      Charleston, SC 
Landscape Architect(s): Nelson-Byrd Landscape Architects

Northeastern University      Boston, MA 
Landscape Architect(s): Pressley Associates, Inc

Desert Lives at the Phoenix Zoo: Bighorn Sheep and Arabian Oryx      Phoenix, AZ 
Landscape Architect(s): Floor & Associates, Inc. 

Sydney Olympics 2000      Sydney, Australia 
Landscape Architect(s): Hargreaves Associates

Trampoline and Willow Garden      Chaumont-sur-Loire, France
Landscape Architect(s): Landworks Studio, Inc. 

Richmond Canals      Richmond, VA 
Landscape Architect(s): Wallace Roberts and Todd, LLC 

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Mall      Dallas, TX
Landscape Architect(s): Sasaki Associates, Inc.

Gateway Science School      St. Louis, MO
Landscape Architect(s): Joe McGrane of EDAW, Inc

H.U.D. Plaza Improvements      Washington, DC
Landscape Architect(s): Martha Schwartz, Inc.


President's Award of Excellence (1)
Sonoran Preserve      Phoenix, AZ 
Landscape Architect(s): City of Phoenix Landscape Architects: Gail Brinkman, Joe Cascio, Jim Coffman, Joseph Ewan, Walt Kinsler, Terry Newman, Janet Waibel

Honor Awards (2) 
St. Louis Downtown Development Action Plan      St. Louis, MO
Landscape Architect(s): EDAW, Inc. 

Massachusetts Historic Cemetery Preservation Initiative      Massachusetts
Landscape Architect(s): Walker-Kluesing Design Group

Merit Awards (7)
Mountain View Cemetary      Vancouver, B.C., Canada 
Landscape Architect(s): Philips Wuori Long Inc. - Margot Long, Principal

Georgia Tech Wayfinding Master Plan      Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA 
Landscape Architect(s): Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. 

Southwood      Tallahassee, FL 
Landscape Architect(s): Sasaki Associates, Inc. 

Alexandria Urban Master Plan      Alexandria, LA 
Landscape Architect(s): Patrick C. Moore, ASLA Landscape Architects/Site Planners 

California State University Monterey Bay Master Plan      Seaside and Mariana, CA 
Landscape Architect(s): Sasaki Associates, Inc. 

Canyon Forest Village II Corp.      Tusayan, AZ
Landscape Architect(s): Design Workshop, Inc. 

Pikes Peak Multi-Use Plan      Pikes Peak, CO 
Landscape Architect(s): Design Workshop, Inc.


Honor Awards (1) 
Visualizing and Testing Views of a Changing National Forest Policy Landscape      Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon
Landscape Architect(s): Robert Ribe and Edward Armstrong, University of Oregon; Paul Gobster and Pat Greene, USDA Forest Service

Merit Awards (1) 
Conserving Dutch Landscape Spatial Diversity      The Netherlands 
Landscape Architect(s): Harry Dijkstra, Ranneke Roos, Lon Schone, Jetty van Lith-Kranendonk, James F. Palmer, ASLA


President's Award of Excellence (1)
Land Marks Series 
Landscape Architect(s): Peter Walker, Owner/Publisher, Spacemaker Press; James Truelove, Associate Publisher

Merit Awards (9) 
Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality 
Landscape Architect(s): Fred J. Rozumalski, Barr Engineering; Carrol L. Henderson - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; Carolyn J. Dindorf - Hennepin Conservation District 

A Guide to the Landscape Architecture of Boston 
Landscape Architect(s): Jack Ahern, FASLA entrant; Hubbard Educational Trust Advisory Committee; John F. Furlong; Carol R. Johnson; Marion Pressley; Lynn Wolff; Karen Good, Project Manager

Youth Power Guide 
Landscape Architect(s): Urban Places Project, Umass; YouthPower/El Arco Iris Holyoke, MA

TimePlaces Heritage Signs Mountains to Sound Greenway, WA State 
Landscape Architect(s): Jones & Jones Architects and Landscape Archtiects, PSC - Nancy Rottle, ASLA, Grant Jones, FASLA, Curt Warber; Other team members: Tom Atkins, Steve Durrant, Pirie

Cultural Landscape Currents 
Landscape Architect(s): National Park Service, Historic Landscape Initiative, The Cultural Landscape Foundation

ReLeaf Nashville      Nashville, TN 
Landscape Architect(s): Hawkins Partners, Inc. 

The Once and Future Forest 
Landscape Architect(s): Andropogon Associates, LTD. 

Las Vegas Springs Preserve Las Vegas, NV 
Landscape Architect(s): University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Guide to Developing a Preservation Maintenance Plan for Historic Landscape
Landscape Architect(s): Margaret Coffin, ASLA; Regina Bellavia; Charles Pepper, Affiliate ASLA 


Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence 
EDAW Summer Program
Landscape Architect(s): EDAW, Inc.

No Classic Award was given in 2000


Honors & Awards:
Makeeya Hazelton 
Manager, Honors & Awards  

Council of Fellows:
Curt Millay, ASLA
Corporate Secretary