Student Awards

The official entrant must be a Student, Student Affiliate, or first-year Associate member of ASLA or eligible to join ASLA in one of those categories to enter. Additionally, ASLA members who have returned to school are also eligible to enter the Student Awards; enrollment in an accredited full-time landscape architecture program is required. For information on membership qualifications, please visit here or call 1-888-999-ASLA.

With the exception of the Student Collaboration Category, student entries may be individual or team efforts. The non-member fee includes a one-year membership in ASLA.

All entries become the property of ASLA and will be retained in the collections of the ASLA Library and Archives. Entrants are responsible for clearing photographs with photographers for publication and reproduction by ASLA. ASLA will provide proper photography and other project credits when using photos, but will not assume responsibility for any copyrights or photography fees. ASLA retains the right to publish photos submitted in winning entries in Landscape Architecture Magazine, on the ASLA website, in promoting the awards program, and in other products in conjunction with promoting landscape architecture.

The jury process is “blind.” In other words, the identities of the entrant and creative team are not revealed to the jury. Members of the Student Awards Jury will recuse themselves from judging any entries with which they have a conflict of interest (for example, a juror who teaches in a landscape architecture program will not judge entries submitted by students from that program). ASLA retains the right to disqualify any entry that does not meet the program requirements or that presents a conflict of interest. In such cases, refunds will not be issued.