Letter from the Chair
Over the past few years, many professionals have faced increasing challenges brought on by the difficult economic times. We have had to face uncertain job markets, increased competition, and increased expectations from our clients. We have struggled to find balance between our professional and work lives. As a group, the Women in Landscape Architecture Professional Practice Network (WILA PPN) can provide a support network for women professionals grappling with these issues.

A Woman’s World? A Landscape Architect’s Perspective
 feel like I have a pretty common perspective on the “Mommy Wars” that are being waged in our collective professions. After graduating from Loyola University, I began work in graphic design and writing. While it paid median wages, it enabled me to travel all over the country.  After a few years, I happened to fall for and marry a man who was very intelligent but was sadly lacking in my values and principles. After a tumultuous year of marriage, he left on my 30th birthday. As with any good and nasty divorce, I got thin—really thin.

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Letter from the Chair
A Woman’s World? A Landscape Architect’s Perspective


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