Campus Planning and Design Newsletter April 2007
Using an Audit to Assess Water Conservation Strategies on a Large Campus
by Stephen Altobelli, MWW Group, Rutherford, New Jersey.
In response to the possibility of undergoing an increase in its water rates, Princeton University Department of Facilities Engineering, classified as a large volume potable water user, undertook an audit to identify how water is currently used throughout its campus facilities. While assessing opportunities for water conservation and reuse, the audit was also intended to provide recommendations for additional economically-viable water conservation and reuse measures.

While maintaining a campus of roughly 1,200 acres, Princeton employs an impressive array of strategies to conserve and reuse water, thus minimizing the amount that must be “imported” onto the site. This irrigation strategy results in the conservation of between 13,612,500 and 16,335,000 gallons of water per week. It also allows for the dedication of a large portion of its land area to natural growth. Princeton continues to make irrigation planning a central component of all new projects that are undertaken on campus.


Image courtesy Stephen Altobelli
Adam Alexander, ASLA, is a Technical Manager and works in the Parks & Landscape Architecture Department at Schoor DePalma, a national engineering and consulting firm. He can be reached at
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