Campus Planning and Design Newsletter April 2007
New Challenges to Bicycle Circulation at UC Davis
by Christina DeMartini Reyes,ASLA, Assistant Landscape Architect,, and Skip Mezger, ASLA, Senior Landscape Architect,, Buildings and Grounds Division, University of California, Davis.
UC Davis (together with the surrounding City of Davis) is known to many as the “bicycle capital of the U.S.” Every day thousands of cyclists make their way onto campus, navigating a complicated matrix of motorists, truckers, buses, pedestrians, and campus carts. Once on campus, bicycle commuters enjoy an infrastructure separated from auto traffic in many locations and geared specifically for cyclists. However, the rapid growth of the campus is threatening this infrastructure, leading some to question its value. Many believe it is safer and more efficient for cyclists to share the road with vehicles rather than maintaining a separate circulation system. Others worry that this will lead to a decrease in bicycle rider-ship over time, gradually eroding a long-standing tradition at UC Davis.

While bicycling remains a prominent form of transportation on the campus, conflicts with other forms of transportation cannot be overlooked. Successfully planning for this diverse mix of transit options presents unique, ongoing challenges for campus planners and designers at UC Davis. We are currently working to promote and implement new approaches to resolve some of these complex circulation issues, while preserving UC Davis’s unique bike culture.



images courtesy Christina DeMartini Reyes, ASLA 

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