Campus Planning and Design Newsletter April 2007
NHMCCD District-Wide Facilities Condition Assessment and Long-Range Master Plan
by Alan Colyer, ASLA / Director, Planning + Urban Design, Gensler, Architecture, Design & Planning, Houston, Texas,
The North Harris Montgomery Community College District is experiencing massive enrollment growth. Its five campuses––three to 30 years old––had unique facilities and infrastructure needs. When asking voters to approve a $250 million bond referendum, the district had to weigh how and where to invest these funds wisely to meet the divergent needs of the campuses. Master planning became a critical step in that process.

Gensler conducted a long-range master plan that included a facility condition assessment of the district’s 2.5 million square feet; provided both demographic analysis and space utilization studies to project future space needs; and, led on-campus visioning sessions and planning charettes to help prioritize the district’s proposed capital improvement projects.

The district’s executive vice chancellor called the master plan “one of the best pieces of work we’ve had at NHMCCD. We have some important decisions ahead of us that involve millions of taxpayer dollars. This report will certainly form the foundation for our decision-making.”


image courtesy Alan Colyer, ASLA 


image courtesy Alan Colyer, ASLA 

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