Historic Preservation-Newsletter-September 2007 Newsletter
The Cultural Landscape Foundation Announces its Newest Cultural Landscapes
by Melanie Macchio

The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) announced the release of its newest Cultural Landscapes as Classrooms module, Icons of Modernism. TCLF’s Cultural Landscapes as Classrooms is a multidisciplinary, web-based learning feature produced primarily for middle school students, but suitable for almost any audience. The Icons of Modernism module celebrates Dan Kiley and his masterwork design for the Miller Garden in Columbus, Indiana, together with Thomas Church and Lawrence Halprin’s revolutionary biomorphic design for the Donnell Garden in Sonoma, California. The module allows users “virtual” access to two of the most important private Modern gardens in America—they also get to meet their owners and designers, including Dan Kiley, Lawrence Halprin, FASLA, and architect Kevin Roche.

The CLC series, which recently received an Honor Award in Communications from ASLA, allows users to “visit” a landscape through a structured and analytic viewing experience that draws upon historical and cultural information and references other forms of art. The CLC series teaches people to “read” the landscapes that are part of their surroundings, thereby allowing them to better understand the landscape’s cultural, artistic, and historical import and encouraging them to become better stewards of our shared landscape heritage. To date, TCLF has developed three CLC modules: Columbus Park: The Prairie Idealized; City Shaping: The Olmsteds in Louisville; and Icons of Modernism. Each module is available as an individual website feature and on CD-ROM

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The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF), established in 1998, is the only not-for-profit foundation in America dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness of the importance of saving cultural landscapes as a legacy for future generations. To learn more about TCLF and the CLC series go to www.tclf.org.

Melanie Macchio, of The Cultural Landscape Foundation, can be reached at Melanie@tclf.org.        

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