March 2007 Newsletter
by April Philips, ASLA; Deb Guenther, ASLA

Sustainable Sites Initiative in full swing 

This year has been an exciting one for the Sustainable Sites Initiative. Not only has ASLA committed to the Initiative as a major endeavor, we have formed a partnership with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and established a Product Development Committee (PDC)—a coalition of stakeholder groups—to accelerate sustainable practices in the site design industry. Funding is in place to make a substantive start in this six-year process.

As a result, this PPN will be shifting from the grassroots role in getting this initiative off the ground to a stakeholder role with the following responsibilities:

  •  Review the work of the Product Development Committee on behalf of ASLA
  • Develop case studies to provide examples of the value of sustainable sites in the marketplace
  • Be a communication hub between PDC and members for sharing progress and input opportunities for the Sustainable Sites Initiative

The PPN is now ASLA’s largest member group with over 700 people engaged—which likely reflects the sense of urgency around addressing issues of climate change, habitat loss, health and equity issues in our communities. We are excited about the level of interest and quality of expertise that the PPN has attracted. It means ASLA will have a robust dialogue in the development of this national tool.

Thank You 

As the new year begins it’s a good time to recognize everyone that contributed thoughts, support, and actions behind the scenes over the past few years. Thank you for taking the time to be involved. In particular, kudos to the rest of the officer group who have logged many, many hours to illuminate and define the need for the initiative, written and directed a framework for moving forward and committed many hours of discussion on the mission, vision, and goals of the Sustainable Sites Initiative:

Allegra Bukojemsky, ASLA - Co-Founder, DnA Design Studio
Meg Calkins, ASLA - Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, Ball State University
Patrick Curran, ASLA - Landscape Architect, SWA Group
Keven Graham, ASLA - Managing Principal, Planning Resources
Jana McKenzie, ASLA - Principal, EDAW Inc.
Linda Moery, ASLA - Assistant Director, Partnerships Office, National Park Service


Our challenge to the PPN for 2008 is to make even more headway than we have this year. We’ll be launching a new communication tool to facilitate discussions - we’ll tell you how to use it in the next edition of this newsletter. We want to look back on 2007 and see accelerated change in the industry with landscape architects leading on these urgent issues, so that future generations can be as inspired by the wonder of nature as we are.

April Philips, ASLA
Co-chair, Sustainable Design and Development PPN

Deb Guenther, ASLA
Co-chair, Sustainable Design and Development PPN 

Help Wanted

The Sustainable Design and Development PPN is seeking volunteers for its newsletter committee. If you are interested in contributing to upcoming newsletters, please contact Allegra Bukojemsky,

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